Identifying and Treating Respiratory Infections In Chickens

Knowing the Difference Between a Chicken Sneezing and a Dangerous Disease


Article Excerpt

Keeping your birds healthy should be something you take seriously, but knowing the difference between an errant sneeze and an acute onset of respiratory infections in chickens will give you an early warning. Identifying respiratory diseases as they begin is the best way to stave off mortality in your flock.…

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  • Shelley J.

    One of my hens, about 10 months old, started sneezing a week ago. I’ve given her vet rx, but now she is coughing a bit as well. There are no vets in my area that see chickens any more, due to the paperwork that they would have to go through with all the new regulations. We are in the middle of an artic blast, so I don’t want to isolate her, in the fear that she won’t have her “sisters” to help keep her warm. On the other hand, I don’t want other hens to get sick. I would appreciate suggestions

  • I had to bring a few inside a few already passed. Its the cold weather. If you are going to seperate bring them up temp very slowly because going from 30 degrees to -45 like here is deadly to chickens or from cool to hot too fast. I made the mistake bringing mine inside right away n lost one that if i would of brought her into the porch or moved into my smaller coop adding a heat lamp would have been better. So if your going to seperate her make sure she has a way to stay warm or if u think shes not sick but its the cold just add a heat source or add dry bedding/check 4 drafts/ give extra water too in bad weather… I hope that helps some. I just wanted to make sure someone doesnt make the same mistakes i did w warming them up from this cold spell n hurting their chicken in the process of trying to help. Also chickens that are sick that are alone dont do as well as a sick chicken with a buddy as they are very social (which is y i tend to bring them to the house or porch because my cat and pitbull lay with them and give the sick bird company)


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