Pine Meadows’ Hobby Farms Easy-Clean Chicken Coop


Article Excerpt

By Jerry Hanson, Pine Meadows Hobby Farm, Oregon
In November of 2012, my wife and I found five acres to purchase from our county’s surplus property auction. This farm is a distance of one

—End of excerpt—

  • There is no such thing as a hobby farm. A farm is a full time job. You eat what you grow.

  • Jerry, my husband and I stumbled on your utube video about being able to buy property even when you are poor.

    Thanks so much for sharing about your experience. We were smiling and excited at the end of your video. We also are poor and did projects similar to you. We paid as we went, we’re patient and bought only when what we needed was on sale plus were given all the free stuff that was now junk to others but treasures to us. We are incredibly blessed with wonderful acreage and an old home we moved to the property and restored. We are very poor but we are so blessed because of like-minded decisions. Mostly I wanted to write because you mentioned the pressure others instill to follow civilized norms. We were criticized and ridiculed for paying as we went and living unconventially. As you know, there’s a freedom in being poor and still making out nicely without the mortgage our criticizers are burdened with. Free and clear! What a life .
    I hope you keep sharing on the American dream. It truly is attainable. Karen.


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