The Basics of Botulism

Know when Honey and Botulism are Deadly…and When Not to Worry


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Article Excerpt

It’s the Big Evil in canning. Botulism causes paralysis, death, and long-term rehabilitation for survivors. Understanding how it forms keeps you safe.…

—End of excerpt—

  • The section on botulism toxin contains serious errors. The author quotes authorities who confuse botulism toxin (which can be deactivated by cooking) with botulism spores (which can be killed only by pressure cooking). Botulism toxin is deactivated by boiling for 10 minutes.

    • Steph M.

      Hi Daniel, though many websites list the toxin as heat-labile, destroyed at a certain temperature for a certain time, both certified chefs have been taught that they shouldn’t even try to remove the toxin. This makes us feel much more secure about commercial food preparation! No matter at what temperature the toxin is destroyed, food preservation experts advise discarding spoiled food and containers. ~ Marissa Ames


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