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Dear Fellow Goat Lover,

I’ve always loved my goats and even the work that goes into raising them, but the other day I met someone whose life was literally changed by goats!

It’s a true story. When he was a child, he was not only shy and awkward around people, he also had a learning disability that caused him to read below grade level and was not expected by his teachers to graduate from high school.

Today, thanks to his beloved goats, he is a high school biology teacher, happy goat farmer, goat show winner and even a judge.

The way he tells it, he just connected better with animals than with people when he was young. And when his sister developed an illness that kept her from digesting cow’s milk, the family turned to raising dairy goats – and a great story unfolded.

Jim took part in 4H and FFA throughout school. He learned to interact with people and use logic in an argument when trying to explain to his peers why he loved goats. He overcame his shyness by discussing goats with people at shows. He learned to read and write by creating essays about his love for his goats. And he learned life skills such as organization, goal setting, time management and a strong work ethic by tackling all the chores necessary in raising healthy, productive goats.

Not every goat farmer has a story like that. But every goat farmer does have his or her own reason for their devotion to their dairy goats. And whatever that reason is, they all want to do their best for their herd, and that’s why we publish Goat Journal!

There’s simply no other resource that delivers the expertise, knowledge, advice and even camaraderie among your fellow dairy goat lovers than Goat Journal does. To us, goats aren’t just one of many small stock animals to write about. They’re the only animal we write about!

Help and advice for every goat farmer

There are lots of heartwarming stories in the goat farming community. Of course at Goat Journal, we’re also about much more than that. No matter what your level of experience with goats, or what your needs are – milk for your family or a business enterprise – every issue includes dozens of ideas, solutions and how-to’s that will be perfect for you.

Goat Journal will help you …

  • Solve all kinds of problems that arise when raising goats, from health to behavior to milking to feed
  • Share the triumphs – and tribulations – of raising dairy goats with people just like you
  • Raise healthy, productive goats for milk, kids, hides, and fun
  • Protect your herd from predators and disease
  • Save money with dozens of practical DIY ideas for housing, feeding and healing your goats
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labors every day, from milk to cheese to show ribbons to companionship!

Perhaps you’re just starting your herd with a few goats. In Goat Journal, you’ll learn the basics of goat management, including housing, milking, deworming, disease management and other issues. Don’t even think about trying to guess your way to experience – relying on Goat Journal makes your life so much easier!

Special note: The more you learn, the more you’ll enjoy your goats, and the more goats you’ll want – and the more you’ll need Goat Journal!

What if you’re deeply interested in the show ring? We’ve got you covered there, too. From what to pack when you’re traveling with your goats, to our regular guide to judging different breeds, to the complete results of every major show (with color photos of the winners!), we’re a complete resource for everything to do with showing.

And if you’re a longtime goat farmer and breeder, you definitely need to check out our ongoing guidance on making a profit from your goats. We bring you hundreds of ideas from around the world, from making cheese to producing baby formula to tanning hides.

Above all, we deliver realistic solutions and cost-saving best practices, so you can spend more time enjoying your goats and less time worrying.

We’re engaged with our readers, and try to answer all the questions and solve all the problems that goat farmers have. We even have a regular question-and-answer column from an expert, who answers questions like …

  • Should colostrum and milk be heat treated or raw?
  • How do you know when it’s time to wean a kid?
  • Do wattles serve a purpose?
  • What do you do about lice in goats?
  • How do I know if my doelings are ready to breed?
  • Should I hand breed or pen/pasture breed?

An answer for every question, a solution for every problem

There are no stupid questions in goat farming, and we have all the answers. For instance, what if you want to start making goat soap? Is it going to be too difficult? What tips would make it easier? Can you sell your soap? Goat Journal has all the answers that will help you take the first steps, learn the process and perhaps even make a profit.

Or suppose you’re confused by the ADGA’s appraisal criteria for goats at shows, or even want to start learning the business to become a judge. We cover every detail and criterion for all the breeds, making the judging process understandable and accessible.

Perhaps you’re interested in organic farming. Many of our most expert contributors are too, and they’ll show you how to feed, house, treat disease, and make cheese from the milk of organically raised goats.

Is it showtime? For goat farmers, it often is! That’s why we write about real-life experiences on the road and in the ring. There’s nowhere else you can peek into the world of goat shows without actually being there yourself … and if you are there yourself, you’ll enjoy these stories even more because they’ll truly resonate with you! Find out how other people just like you handle all their problems and enjoy their successes!

As you can see, Goat Journal delivers everything from kidding stories, to farm management best practices, to cooking with goat’s milk and cheese, to choosing equipment for your farm!

In short, every issue addresses every stage of dairy goat farming, making Goat Journal the comprehensive, authoritative resource you won’t be able to live without.

So if you’ve never read Goat Journal, prepare to be impressed. It’s like living next door to the world’s most experienced, expert goat farmer who shares every tried-and-true method for every step of goat farming with you… all year long. In fact, it’s even better than that one neighbor — it’s like having hundreds of neighbors who all enjoy the same avocation you do! You can be sure that this goat-loving community understands you perfectly.

So why not subscribe today to Goat Journal, and join the fun? Raising goats may be a labor of love, but we make it a lot easier and more rewarding, and ensure that you can always have happy, healthy, productive dairy goats no matter what challenges arise!

Yours for the best in goat farming,

Marissa Ames

PS: If you’re a novice goat farmer, Goat Journal is perfect for you. If you’re an experienced goat farmer, Goat Journal is perfect for you. If you don’t believe me, check out all the topics we cover that I mentioned above. Subscribe right now!

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