September/October 2017: Table of Contents

Sheep Sept/Oct 17 Cover

September/October 2017


• Colony Cross, Adapting Genetics to Inputs & Output
Alabama’s Dayspring Dairy, Startup from Scratch
• A Proper Pen
Aging Guardians, Care of Senior Livestock Protection Dogs
• Print Up Some Boneless Chops? Coming High Tech Red Meat Options

Scribblings: Sweet Hay Hath No Fellow! Ideals & Good Deals
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Western Dorper Prices Spur Optimism for Future
~ Texels Withstand Hard Climate in the Heart of Puerto Rico
~ More Info Concerning Rams That “Don’t Butt”
~ Lespedeza: Worming Sheep As They Graze
~ Top U.S. Sheep Event Offers Lots of New Ways to Profit & Save!
~ NSIP, Breed Associations Plan to Tackle Common Goals
~ Wyoming’s Wolf-Killed Livestock, “Red Wolves” & Eastern Coyotes
~ Federal or State Lands, Part 6
~ Fighting Frost With Native Forages
~ Hard Bump Down From Youth Show Prices To Market Prices
~ Rams Need Better Fences
~ Oz Buyers Seeking Grass-Fit Breeders
• Wool Gatherings
• Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
• Sheep May Safely Graze: Ancient Nemeses
• Shearing Notes
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
• News Bleat
~ Optimum Floor Space and Bedding for In-Wintered Ewes
~ European Sheep & Other Dairy Farms Adopting Dispensing Machines to Sell Untreated Milk
~ Alaska Vows Secrecy To Lure Growers to Blood Test Sheep
~ Brit Sheep Assn. Recruiting “Dirt Farmers” to Grow Sheep
~ Canadian Tourists Love Ovine Lawn Mowers
~ Findings: “Foxes Enjoy Eating Mutton & Lamb”
~ Indiana Sheep Biz Promo Campaign
~ Free Guide: Post-Slaughter Inspection
~ Non-Lethal Wolf Control Leaves Lethal Wolves Uncontrolled
~ World’s Biggest Consumer Test: Sheep Meat Tasting
~ Sheep-Like Environmental Sensors Reveal Ovine Survival Secrets
• sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep SeptOct 17 Cover Photo

“Sheep Love Halloween,” by Nicole Marquette of North Fork Farm in Waverly, Minnesota.

Where has the summer gone?! Pumpkins are ready, much to the delight of the flocks, as noted by our First Place winner, Nicole Marquette, who feeds them to her Corriedales and natural colored sheep. Her photo is all at once beautiful, instructive, humorous and seasonal. She added, “The kids love it when we put feed in our pumpkins after Halloween.”

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