May/June 2017: Table of Contents

Sheep MayJune 2017

May/June 2017


Prepare Livestock Guardian Dogs For Summer
• Challenge Ram, Can Lost Respect Be Regained Via Conquest, Reason Or Trust?
• A Real Flock Shop
Making Pasture & Forages Work for Sheep
• The Raising of Klutzee Marie, Diligence Pays Off
• More Than Words

Scribblings: “De-Nestoring” the Sheep Bix, A Modest Proposal
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
“Red Wolves” Not a Species?
Hay Unroller Cuts Labor
Fighting Ruinous Jumbo Flukes
How Ear Tags Can Help You
How They Sheared On a Table
Trademark Protection Awarded Pure U.S. Shetland Products
A New Sale for a New Approach
Monitoring “Slacker” Ewes Using Electronic Devices
Federal or State Lands, Part 4
View from Down Under
Hair Sheep Reports
• Wool Gatherings
Sheep May Safely Graze: Coyotes, The Basics
Shearing Notes
Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
• Sheep Dairying, There’s No Place Better for Sheep Dairying than America
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
• Vet Check
News Bleat
Winter Exercise Helps Lambing Success
Show Sheep & “Tag Swapping”: DNA Verification In Store?
U. of Tennessee: “New Johnes Test Detects Antibodies”
U.S. Sheep Inventory Down Again In 2016
30 Year Search Reveals How Melatonin Signals Sheep Estral Hormones
Global Study Shows Sheep Milk Needs More Good Press
Measurable Antibodies For Worms:  “Bred In Resistance”
Straight-Wool Sheep Appearing In N.Z. A Valuable “Mutant?”
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Untitled, by Sophie Sprague in northwest Florida. She noted “This little ewe is the first animal born on our farm!” Happy with the small size and gentle nature of sheep, she added, “We’re excited to expose our daughter (Anna, shown in the photo) to things she’d have missed out on had we not made the move to the farm.”

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