March/April 2019: Table of Contents

Sheep MarchApril 19 Cover

March/April 2019


• Keeping Local Flocks Growing, California’s Dan Macon
Hyden’s Classic Cheviots, Paying It Forward
• Midlock Farm, Success Takes Effort, Capital, Risk, Patience, & Wits
• International Musician & Flockmaster, Small Flock as Side Job
Shed or Pasture Lambing, Which Is Right For You?

• Scribblings: Investment & Return, Each Needs the Other to Thrive
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Tedera for Southwestern Sheep?
~ Dual-Coated Fleeces
~ Bighorn DNA Detected in New Mexico Domesticated Sheep
~ A Trademark to Promote & Protect Rare, Valued Bloodlines
~ Popularizing Dorpers in the U.S. Causes of their Flourish
~ Win A Targhee Starter Flock!
~ Predators: Foreigners’ Woes Coming Our Way?
~ July-Sown Sudan, Fed in Dearth, Brings Surplus of Winter Twins
~ What’s Important to Australia?
• Wool Gatherings
• Shearing Notes
• Sheep May Safely Graze: “Wolves Are Just Big Coyotes”
• Price Reports
• sheep! Bookstore
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
News Bleat
Culling Right Saves Money
~ Worm-Eating Fungus Coming to U.S. Pastures!
~ Normal Chemical Exposure Alters Sheep Livers
~ “Half Your Lambs Are Dead by the Time They Hit the Ground”
~ Brit Reply to Vegan Antagonists Engages & Assures
~ Texas A & M Sheep Mission: Thwart Declining Numbers
~ Cop Seizes Hot Sheep
~ Nat’l Sheep Assn. Fears Crack-Up of Britain’s Stratified Sheep Industry
~ Algeria’s 1st Ever Rinderpest Outbreak-Carcasses Block Road.
~ Tasmanian Carpet Breed May Go Extinct
• sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep MarchApril 2019

“Granddaughter CeCe enjoying the Dorper lambs,” by Judi Mault, of Indian Valley, Idaho. 

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