Jan/Feb 2018: Table of Contents

Sheep JanFeb 18 Cover

Jan/Feb 2018


• Paired to Perfection: Wine Country’s “Ferment of Desire” for Lamb
• Fire & Disaster Prep: Your Livestock & Guardian Dogs

Scribblings: Farm Spies Share Each Others’ Warts: Traits & Warning Signs
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Wolf Advocates’ Bullying Causing Spate of Wolf Killings?
~ Flax Seed & Ewe-Flushing
~ Last Chance to Prep for Deep Winter Before Lambs Arrive
~ Farm Hiring, Wages Rising
~ Genetic Selection at Your Fingertips
~ Pricing Dairy Stock for Sale
~ Milk Replacer Season Is Upon Us
Hair Sheep Report
Shearing Notes

Wool Gatherings
Sheep May Safely Graze: The Pre-Lambing Fox Reduction
Balancing Sheep & Calling Off Dogs
Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
High Hopes for Able Growers
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
News Bleat
~ New Zealander’s Impression of the U.S. Sheep Industry
~ Australian Tips on Lice Eradication
~ Breeding Away From Docking, Drenching or Dagging
~ Brits: Ram Longevity Could Easily Be Improved
~ Foreign Bush Tick Found On New Jersey Sheep
~ Great New Marketing Idea: ’Sell Buyers What They Want’
~ Don’t Bank on Efficiency, But “Value-Adding”
~ Sheep Breed Gains Recognition Via University Patronage
~ Meatier Forage-Fed Lambs Flunk Taste Tests Against Grain-Fed
~ Worming Ewes Near Lambing Brings Fewer, Not More Lambs
~ Poll: 47 Percent of Americans Want to Ban All Slaughterhouses
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep Magazine Photo
Photo taken by Raymond M. Ross of Bozeman, Montana.

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