November/December 2017: Table of Contents


November/December 2017


• Pictorial How-To: Back-Saving Shearling Table
• From the Brink of Extinction, Tiny Grower Group’s Plan Earned Big Success
• Adding New Dogs Into an Existing Livestock Guardian Dog Pack

Scribblings: Fast Away! Is Old Already New?
• sheep! 2017 Photo Contest Winners
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Coywolf Expansion: Concerns for Livestock & Human Health
~ Hydatid Disease of Wild Canines Puts Ranches, Farms at Risk
~ “Ramming” Experiences
~ Sheep Biz Economic Impact
~ Sheep Expansion: Know Before You Grow
~ Pictorial “How To” On Back-Saving Shearing Table
~ Census of Agriculture Coming
~ A New Era For Our Farm
~ Monitoring & Enforcement Getting Heavier Handed
~ Hair Sheep Reports
~ A Christmas Story
~ Brody & Brutus: Breed Choice Drives Achievement
Wool Gatherings
Sheep May Safely Graze: Preventing Lamb Losses to Foxes
Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
The Right Sheep, For Stock Dog Training
Shearing Notes
Vet Check
Book Review: Encyclopedia of Animal Predators
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
News Bleat
~ Aussies Feeding Oats to Get More Ewe Lambs
~ Don’t Rely On Promises of Predator Loss Compensation
~ Eighty-Six Percent of Livestock Feeds Inedible by Humans
~ Vaccines Fight Bacterial Abortion Better Than Antibiotics
~ De-Subsidizing Australian Sheep Increased Flock Productivity
~ Low-Methane Sheep Leaner, Woollier
~ New Opportunities Rising In City Sheep Grazing
~ Maremmas Tested Under Fire Still Protected Sheep
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds



Sheep NovDec 17

Photo taken by Clara Mulligan of Avon, New York.

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