Spring Building Projects Book Bundle


Bundle These 3 Books for 20% Savings!

From planning to completion, these books provide you with everything you need to help you with your spring building projects! From fences to coops to barns and sheds… we’ve got you covered.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and new additions to your homestead! New animals require housing and fencing to keep them safe and secure. This is where we can help! These books provide must-have guidance for your spring building needs!

This bundle includes:

Chicken Coops
45 Building Plans For Housing Your Chicken Flock

Whether you keep one hen or 1,000 hens, you will find a housing plan in this comprehensive book. Coops range from fashionable backyard structures to large-scale, movable shelters. You will also find plans for converting trailer frames, greenhouses and sheds using recycled materials and simple ways to make waterers, feeders, and nestboxes.

By Judy Pangman

166 pages; $19.95 value


Fences For Pasture & Garden
A well-made fence brings peace of mind If you keep livestock or tend a garden that’s vulnerable to wildlife predators, you know that a good fence is essential for protecting your investment. But with all of the new options available today — and the many challenges posed by terrain, weather, and predators — it’s often hard to determine what type of fence meets your needs. That’s why Gail Damerow has written this practical, easy-to-use guide to selecting, planning, and building fences that work. Filled with sound, up-to-date advice and instruction, Fences for Pasture & Garden makes fence-building a task anyone can tackle with confidence. The author weighs the pros and cons of various fence systems — from traditional fences to the latest technology — and helps you select the best one for your needs. From alarm systems to zoning laws, this book covers it all.

By Gail Damerow

154 pages; $16.95


How To Build Animal Housing
60 Plans for Coops, Hutches, Barns, Sheds, Pens, Nestboxes, Feeders, Stanchions, and Much More

Dozens of animal housing plans–with illustrated, step-by-step instructions–for species-specific shelters that are well ventilated, safe, appropriate for the animals, appealing, convenient, and a solid value for their owners. Includes complete plans and step-by-step, illustrated instructions for sheds, coops, hutches, multipurpose barns, and economical easy-to-build windbreaks and shade structures. Ekarius covers new high-tech, portable structures made of plastics and fabrics, such as hoop houses and hen spas, as well as more traditional alternatives, such as straw-bale structures. Always practical, she enumerates the advantages and disadvantages of ready-to-build kits and modular barnyard buildings and includes designs for watering systems, feeders, chutes, stanchions, and more–the essentials that help owners keep their animals healthy and happy.

By Carol Ekarius

260 pages; $24.95

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