Solar Book Bundle


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This bundle includes:

Solar Food Dryer
How to Make And Use Your Own High-Performance, Sun-powered Food Dehydrator

Learn how to use solar energy to preserve your summer’s harvest. With your own solar-powered food dryer, you can quickly and efficiently dry all your extra garden veggies, fruits and herbs to keep their goodness all year long—with free sunshine! Solar food dryers perform amazingly well under a wide range of conditions, working effectively in almost any climate where you can grow fruits and vegetables.

As a bonus, solar food drying is a great way to learn about solar energy and to experience the incredible power of the sun—as well as being a great deal of fun! Included are: complete step-by-step plans for building a high-performance, low-cost solar food dryer from readily available materials, solar energy design concepts, food drying tips and recipes, resources, references, solar charts and more. Highly illustrated with both photographs and helpful design and construction plans.

By Eben Fodor

122 pages; $7.99 value


DIY Solar Projects

With high energy costs and a warming planet that needs cleaner fuel sources, the time has never been better to get involved with solar energy. From a simple solar oven that can cook a roast in a couple of hours to a standalone solar water heater, this book provides clear instructions for sun-powered equipment you can make and install on your own.

You will see how to mount small photovoltaic panels on a roof, bring power to lights in a remote shed or garage, and create a solar still that purifies water without consuming power. A wood kiln, a battery charging station, and supplementary heat sources for your home are just a few of the other unique and highly practical projects in this book. If you long to experience the satisfaction that comes from harnessing the clean power of the sun, DIY Solar Projects will show you the light.

By Eric Smith
160 pages; $21.99 value



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