Sheep Butchering The Easy Way — DVD

Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Butchering from Slaughter to Table


Step-by-Step DVD of professional home butchering from slaughter to table. See and hear a professional slaughterman walk you through each step of sheep butchering. It’s like he is right there with you. With this learning method, he almost is! You can watch the lessons again and again. Because for you to gain the skills you need to butcher with confidence, you need to SEE what the correct posture and hand movements are for slaughtering, and exactly what, how and where to use your butchering equipment.

The Step 1 Home Butchering Video (duration 25 minutes) takes you over every step of butchering lamb, from hand slaughtering to skinning, including tips and tricks to make the job a breeze.

The Step 2 Home Butchering Video (duration 32 minutes) shows the cutting stage of sheep butchering—how to professionally but easily section the lamb into many different cuts ready for cooking!


Bonus 1: Video Guide to Butchering Goat—Step 1. Yes, our professional slaughterman will walk you through the same steps again from hand slaughter to gutting and skinning, this time with a young goat.

Bonus 2: Video Guide to Butchering Goat —Step 2. See exactly how to butcher your goat carcass to produce meat cuts ready for cooking.

Meg Howe & Graeme Young

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