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Wood Heat
A Practical Guide To Heating Your Home With Wood

Wood Heat is a comprehensive and practical homeowner’s guide to using wood as a reliable source of heat with the latest wood stoves and traditional fireplaces. The book explores the efficiency of wood compared to other fuels, the environmental impacts of various fuel types as well as sustainability issues that have led to so many adopting a wood-burning lifestyle. There are four ways that wood can be used to heat a home or cottage: wood stoves (the most popular), fireplace inserts, pellet stoves and masonry heaters. Wood Heat explains the pros and cons of each. The book provides all of the information and advice needed to convert to a wood-heated life. How-to topics include step-by-step directions. They include:

• The comparative advantages of heating with wood
• Buying, cutting, splitting, stacking, storing and moving firewood
• Building the perfect woodpile
• Varieties of wood and their burning characteristics
• The latest technology for burning wood efficiently and cleanly
• Energy content of wood varieties per air-dried cord (BTUs)
• Catalytic and non-catalytic stoves
• Cooking with a wood stove
• How to make a good fire
• Essential hearth and fireplace tools
• Sizing wood-burning appliances
• A chimney maintenance checklist.

Currently, over 10 million U.S. households use wood as their main heating fuel or to supplement other forms of heating. Unstable, increasing fuel costs and the desire of many people to move toward self-sufficiency will only increase the numbers of those choosing to burn wood for heat. Wood Heat is the ideal guide for all.

By Andrew Jones

175 pages; $19.95 value


A Landowner’s Guide to Managing Your Woods

How to Maintain a Small Acreage for Long-Term Health, Biodiversity, and High-Quality Timber Production

Whether you own a few acres of woodland or many, A Landowner’s Guide to Managing Your Woods will help you become an active and effective steward of your forest. Beginning with an explanation of the natural processes governing forest development, the authors present active steps you can take to guide your woodland toward a state of health and beauty and sustainably produce one of the world’s greatest renewable resources — wood.

The steps of stewardship include:

• Assessing your forest type, soils, terrain, and climate
• Determining what trees and wildlife will do best on your land
• Working with a forester and a logger to create and implement a sustainable, long-term plan
• Developing wildlife habitat and trail systems
• Pruning and thinning trees to improve health and growth rate.

The authors – a landowner, a logger, and a forester – all manage their own woodlands using sustainable practices. Their advice and insights will help your forest provide income while remaining healthy, productive, and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

By Ann Larkin Hansen, Mike Seversen, & Dennis L. Waterman

297 pages; $19.95 value

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