Country & Cottage Water Systems (Hardcover, Spiral-Bound)

A Complete Out-of -the-City Guide to On-Site Water and Sewage Systems, Including Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification and Alternative Toilets


This indispensable guide will save those who live or spend their leisure time in rural areas time, money and headaches. Packed with solid, easy-to-understand advice and clear, detailed illustrations, Country and Cottage Water Systems takes the mystery out of rural water systems and their components. Whether planning a new system or updating, expanding or fixing an existing one, the ideas, the know-how and the solutions are all here.

The book includes tips for do-it-yourselfers, and guidance for those hiring a professional, on a variety of topics, including:

• Methods for testing water

• Making water safe to drink

• Choosing the right pump

• Dealing with environmental issues and legal concerns

• Planning a system’s connections

• Types of wells and how to dig a new one or revitalize an old one

• Understanding and installing waste systems

• Troubleshooting septic systems

• How to reduce a septic system’s footprint

• The pros and cons of alternative toilets

• How to build an outhouse

• Getting rid of gray water

• How to keep pipes from freezing in winter

• How to winterize a seasonal water system for easy spring start-up

From getting water in to getting waste out, Country and Cottage Water Systems helps ensure clean, safe water for country and cottage dwellers, as well as hassle-free and environmentally responsible waste disposal. Hardcover Spiral-Bound.

Max Burns

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