A Countryside Anthology 1999

See what homesteaders were talking about in 1999!


Now, for the second time, you can get all the valuable information in a whole year’s worth of Countryside in one handy volume. Whether your main interest is gardening or goats, woodlots or weeds, country cooking or country living in general, this collection of articles first appearing in 1999 contains an entire year’s worth of Countryside to inspire, inform, and entertain you. Read about living off the fat of the land on your own small country place, and make the dream come alive with the stories, goals, experiences —failures and successes— and the ultimate triumphs of other homesteaders as they strive to take charge of their own lives in our hectic modern world.

See what homesteaders were talking about in 1999, and learn how to:

• Use and find water on the homestead

• Make vinegar

• Build using low-cost methods

• Enrich your soil

• Use alternative energy

• Make cheese and yogurt

• Raise cattle, goats, sheep and rabbits

• Dry food using solar power

…and much, much more! Over 400 pages of the best homesteading information available!

Editors and Contributors of Countryside magazine

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