Winter Care for Your Flock — Build a Solar Coop Heater and More!

Plus, How to Stop Chicken Pecking and Cannibalism, How to Make Eggnog, and More!

Our December 2017/January 2018 issue is NOW AVAILABLE! Learn how to care for your flock in the winter, stop pecking and cannibalism, make rooster and hen crochet ornaments, and much more! Subscribe today!

In this issue, we learn tips for caring for your flock in the winter. From learning how cold is too cold, to building a solar chicken coop heater. These are must-know tips to keep your flock thriving in the winter!

BYP Dec17/Jan18

Find all this and more in your December 2017/January 2018 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine! Also, with this issue, you can view it as a new flip book style!

In this Issue:

Make Your Own Rooster and Hen Crochet Ornaments — DIY holiday fun with your chickens in mind. Make your own flock and presents too.

The Veterinary Feed Directive One Year Later — Learn how this government rule affects your flock if your birds experience illness.


How to Make Homemade Eggnog — Use your fresh backyard eggs to make a delicious holiday treat.

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An Easy Quiche Recipe for Entertaining or Everyday — A versatile egg dish with lots of different taste options for every occasion.

How to Build a Solar Chicken Coop Heater — An off-grid, safe way to take the chill off the coop this winter.

Chickens Pecking

How to Stop Chicken Pecking and Cannibalism — Keep your chickens happy and steer clear of aggressive behavior.

Ready, Set, Go! — Explore the sport of racing pigeons.

Making it Legal — A guide to influencing your local chicken keeping laws.

On Guard — A guardian goose can be the ticket to protecting your flock.

Chickens in Winter

Chickens in a Minute — How Cold is Too Cold for Chickens in Winter? — Know how and when to keep your chickens safe from frigid weather.


+DIY Cranberry Nut Scratch Wreath— A festive and nutritious way to treat your flock.

More Great Resources, Stories, and Tips in Each Issue:

From The Editor: Holiday Fun and More…
Photo Essay: Dreams Come True
Reader Submitted Letters: Something To Crow About
Backyard Poultry Bookstore
Poultry Talk
Coming Events
Flock Photos
And much more!

Backyard Poultry magazine is your best source for information on how to raise healthier, more productive backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and even keeping guinea fowl. Whether you live on a farm, call a suburban neighborhood home, or are mastering poultry farming in an urban environment, we have the how-to guides and tips.

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Do you have winter tips to share? How do you keep your chickens safe from frigid weather?


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Winter Care for Your Flock — Build a Solar Coop Heater and More!