Introducing the New Goat Journal: Pack Goats, Fiber Goats, Dairy Goats and More!

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Goat Journal Nov/Dec 2017

Goat Journal November/December 2017 issue is NOW AVAILABLE! Subscribe today for today’s leading stories and all the tried-and-true goat information you need.

Goat Journal is an all-new publication dedicated to dairy goats and so much more! It’s all the great dairy goat information you’ve come to love — goat milk benefitsmaking goat cheese or learning how to make goat milk soap — with expanded information on other goats! Thinking about raising pack goats? Or raising goats for fiber? Goat Journal has all that information and more! Whether you want to raise a small herd for your personal or family needs or are interested in raising goats for profit, you’ll find these creatures to be friendly, docile, curious and intelligent, and Goat Journal has the top goat information you need to raise a healthy, happy herd.

In this Issue of Goat Journal:

Got Fiber Goats? By Janet Garman
Sheep aren’t the only option for spinning a yarn. Learn breeds of goats that can be raised for fiber, and what you can do with goat fiber.

Dairy goats are delightful! Goat Journal is the leading source of information you need to keep your herd healthy and profitable. Subscribe Now!

Packing Quite a Kick By Theresa Miller

Get going with pack goats! Goats are a lower cost option for people wanting to try out packing with an animal. Learn the pros and cons to using pack goats.

Growing Kids Through 4-H By Kate Johnson
Raising goats can provide joy, satisfaction, fun, and inspiration. There are many reasons for youth to raise goats, and also some challenges. Take a peek at the journey of growing kids through the 4-H goat program.

Goat Lady Dairy By Amy G. Hadachek
Ginnie Tate inspired the Goat Lady Dairy in North Carolina. With the spirit for artisan foods and handmade products, she passed on energy for believing in one’s unique gifts in life. Ginnie’s ambition, her drive and the fruition of her dream created desire for others to meld their plans into reachable goals and make a difference.

More on Keeping Goats from Goat Journal!

• From the Editor
• Reader Feeback
• Kat’s Corner
• Photo Essay: Utility Goat Show
• Reading Goats’ Minds

• Upcoming Events
• From the Archives
• She Can’t Stand It
• It’s Rut Season
• Cutting the Cheese in Colorado
• Breed Profile: French Alpine
• Life Lessons


Goat Journal Cover Photo

Charles and Festus hiking up a CCC road that was built by workers back in the 1930s. Pretty steep terrain, but pack goats can handle it! See more of Charles and Festus in the Fan Photos section. Submitted by Charles M Jennings of Bear River Outfitters.

Goat Journal shares stories on marketing, breeding and raising dairy goats, along with features and goat information on making the goat business more profitable and rewarding. Keeping goats may be a labor of love, but Dairy Goat Journal makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling.

Never miss another great issue with practical tips on raising dairy goat breeds for pleasure or profit. Subscribe to Goat Journal today.

Do you have way of promoting your dairy goats in your community? We would love to hear from you, comment below!


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Introducing the New Goat Journal: Pack Goats, Fiber Goats, Dairy Goats and More!