Prepare Your Chickens for Molting Season

Use Lavender for a Stress-Free Coop; Get the Scoop on Prebiotics and Probiotics; and Much More!

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got exciting news for all you Backyard Poultry readers out there! If you have a Web-Only or All-Access Backyard Poultry subscription, you now get six EXTRA e-editions a year, in addition to the six issues you receive every other month. Yup, that’s a new issue every month to learn all about chicken care, seasonal concerns like molting, chicken and poultry breeds, egg production and more!

Our Late Summer 2017 e-edition is NOW AVAILABLE and covers how you can prepare your chickens for molting season. Join us as we discuss molting season preparation, prebiotics and probiotics for chickens, free-ranging pros and cons, and much more! Plus, you’ll get eight DIY chicken coop design ideas, fun flock photos, and answers to common flock challenges from our poultry experts. Subscribe today and look forward to more e-editions as well as every issue online with a new flip book style!


BYP Late Summer 17 e-edition

In this Issue:

• From the Editor — Backyard Poultry editor, Pam Freeman, discusses the importance of preparing your flock for fall and the winter months.

• Chicken Chat — Our readers chime in on the weirdest questions they have ever been asked.

Poultry Talk — Ron Kean and Pam Freeman answer reader questions about their flocks.

• Flock Photos — Reader-submitted photos. Learn how you can share your poultry photos too!

Prepare Your Chickens for Molting Season and More:

• How to Prepare for Molt — Learn how to help your chickens have a smooth molt.

• Chicken Feather and Skin Development — From full plumes to naked necks, genetics determine what today’s chickens look like.

• The Scoop on Using Prebiotics and Probiotics for Chickens — Poultry probiotics can help keep your flock healthy.

• Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants — When free radicals induce oxidative stress, antioxidants come to the rescue.

• Lavender, for a Stress-Free Coop — Lisa Steele explains why lavender is one of her favorite chicken-keeping herbs.

• Fungal Infections Found in Poultry — Identifying and treating a fungal infection.

• Are Chickens Lactose Intolerant? — Should your flock have dairy in its diet?

• Get to Know Geese — Personalities and basics of popular geese breeds.

• Free-Range Problems — They want to be free, but that’s not always good for them.

• Coop Inspiration — 8 Awesome Coop Ideas — Get inspiration for your next DIY coop design.

And more!

Backyard Poultry magazine is your best source for information on how to raise healthier, more productive backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and even keeping guinea fowl. Whether you live on a farm, call a suburban neighborhood home, or are mastering poultry farming in an urban environment, we have the how-to guides and tips.

Never miss another great issue! Subscribe to Backyard Poultry today and gain access to the Late Summer 2017 e-edition, and many more to come.

How do you keep your poultry cool in the heat? Let us know in the comments below!


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Prepare Your Chickens for Molting Season