Pigs! From Selling Piglets for Profit to Saving Rare Breeds

Rifles for Predator Protection; Explore Scented Geraniums; All About Blue Egg Layers... and More!

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This time of year change is in the air. Winter still lingers mixing with spring winds bringing the promise of future bounty. For the homesteader, this is the busy time with new young to attend, gardens to plant, and plans to be put into reality.

We’ve got you covered with a little something for everyone! For the gardener, learn about scented geraniums and how to add them to your gardens. For the cook, enjoy the second part of our series on how to make flavored vinegar and learn how to make deli favorites your family is sure to love. For the beekeeper, learn how to make sure your bees stay healthy during spring rain and storms, and learn how to sell and label your honey so you’re prepared for the upcoming farm markets.

Not only are our livestock reproducing in spring, so are predators and they’re hungry. Find out which rifles work best for predator protection. For tackling big projects, tractors need to be up and running. Be sure to run down our maintenance checklist so your tractor is at its best.

Speaking of fickle spring weather, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Check out our tornado safety tips so you and your family are on top of the forecasts.

If you’re thinking of raising pigs, we’ve got some neat heritage breed suggestions and personal stories for inspiration. Plus, we’ve got tips on how to make your pig business profitable and successful.

And, last but not least, learn all about blue chicken eggs — how they’re made and what breeds to raise so you’ve got some blue eggs of your own.

Happy Spring!

-Pam Freeman, Editor

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In this Issue:

Feature Stories of Raising Pigs:

How to Sell Excess Farm Piglets — Ideas for selling excess piglets so they don’t cut into your profits. By Janet Garman

How to Raise Pigs for Profit — Learn how to figure expenses and market into your bottom line. By Janet Garman

Saving the Meishan Pig and Ossabaw Island Hog — Two heritage breeds at a critical juncture in their history. By Kenny Coogan

Raising Pigs


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More Great Stories in this issue:

Exploring Scented Geraniums — Learn how to grow scented geraniums for a bounty of fragrance. By Rita Heikenfeld


Learn How to Make Flavored Vinegar — Make delicious and healthful homemade vinegar recipes that are sure to please. By Rita Heikenfeld and Erin Phillips

DIY Deli Delights — Expensive to buy, but economical to make, learn how to make deli-worthy foods in your own kitchen. By Rita Heikenfeld

Selling Homestead Honey  — Learn what you need to know about setting your honey price, labeling, and marketing. By Angi Schneider


The Best Rifles for Farm and Ranch — If you’re in the market for a pest and predator control rifle, here are a few things to consider. By Jeremy Chartier

How to Maintain a Farm Tractor — Avoid unnecessary tractor repairs with proper maintenance. By Jeremy Chartier

Putting Agritourism Ideas to Work — Success stories of using farm events as a money-making business. By Marissa Ames

For Blue Eggs, Pick These Chicken Breeds — Find out how blue eggs are formed and which breeds will lay blue eggs. By Pam Freeman

Blue Egg Layers

Don’t Miss These Great Features and More:  

Tornado Safety Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Storm

How to Help Bees During Spring Rain and Storms

Understanding Sex-Link Chickens Today

Also In This Issue:

I am Countryside Photo Essay — Happiness is Right Here, Living on The Land

From Countryside Editor Pam Freeman — Spring is in the Air

Countryside Conversation & Feedback — March/April 2018

Just For Fun 102/2

Countryside Bookstore

Almanack 102/2


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Pigs! From Selling Piglets for Profit to Saving Rare Breeds