Paired to Perfection — Lamb and Wine

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Our January/February 2018 issue of sheep! is NOW AVAILABLE, featuring stories that answer questions like, how can I market my sheep? Learn why this magazine is the leading source for sheep information for the modern flockmaster seeking to raise sheep for profit or personal use.

Some of our readers have two or three wool sheep that they shear so they can spin the wool and use it themselves. Others own large commercial flocks whose meat and milk they sell all over the world. And still others are somewhere in between. The one thing they have in common is that they all need help solving the inevitable problems that arise when sheep farming. And so we give it to them critical sheep information every issue! You’ll quickly discover that sheep! makes your life better no matter what your interests are, no matter how many sheep you own, and no matter how long you’ve been raising them.

In this issue of sheep!:

Paired to Perfection: Wine Country’s “Ferment of Desire” for Lamb By Jacqueline Harp
Can flock owners find synergies between the marketing of their lamb or mutton and the marketing done by the wine industry in their locality, state, or region? The community commonly includes wineries, vineyards, restaurants, tasting rooms, farmers markets and on-farm sellers. Seneca Lake, the largest of the New York Finger Lakes, is surrounded by a superb wine trail, craft brewers, distilleries, and restaurants. Many are all-stars in the food, wine and hospitality industries. A few were willing to share with sheep! readers their valuable expertise about marketing lamb, including insider knowledge of the techniques of pairing lamb and wine.

Sheep are stupendous! sheep! is the leading source for the sheep information you need to keep your flock healthy and profitable. Subscribe Now!

Fire & Disaster Prep: Your Livestock & Guardian Dogs By Brenda M. Negri
The recent raging California fires of 2017 brought a sobering death toll that were in the multi-millions of dollars. Many homes, businesses, schools, small farms, homesteads, and ranches have been consumed, lost to the flames. And with those losses went untold loss of life in livestock, pets, and wildlife. Learn how to protect your livestock and guardian dogs in case of a disaster.

More Sheep Farming Information in the January/February 2018 issue of sheep!:

• Scribblings: Farm Spies Share Each Others’ Warts: Traits & Warning Signs
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Wolf Advocates’ Bullying Causing Spate of Wolf Killings?
~ Flax Seed & Ewe-Flushing
~ Last Chance to Prep for Deep Winter Before Lambs Arrive
~ Farm Hiring, Wages Rising
~ Genetic Selection at Your Fingertips
~ Pricing Dairy Stock for Sale
~ Milk Replacer Season Is Upon Us
• Hair Sheep Report
• Shearing Notes
• Wool Gatherings
• Sheep May Safely Graze: The Pre-Lambing Fox Reduction
• Balancing Sheep & Calling Off Dogs
• Price Reports
• sheep! Bookstore
• High Hopes for Able Growers
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
• News Bleat
~ New Zealander’s Impression of the U.S. Sheep Industry
~ Australian Tips on Lice Eradication
~ Breeding Away From Docking, Drenching or Dagging
~ Brits: Ram Longevity Could Easily Be Improved
~ Foreign Bush Tick Found On New Jersey Sheep
~ Great New Marketing Idea: ’Sell Buyers What They Want’
~ Don’t Bank on Efficiency, But “Value-Adding”
~ Sheep Breed Gains Recognition Via University Patronage
~ Meatier Forage-Fed Lambs Flunk Taste Tests Against Grain-Fed
~ Worming Ewes Near Lambing Brings Fewer, Not More Lambs
~ Poll: 47 Percent of Americans Want to Ban All Slaughterhouses
• sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep Magazine Photo

Photo taken by Raymond M. Ross of Bozeman, Montana.

sheep! magazine delivers thoughtful feature articles and the latest sheep information to make every shepherd more knowledgeable and better able to raise healthy, productive flocks for profit and satisfaction.

Never miss another great issue filled with actionable sheep information for today’s flockmaster. With just a few issues of sheep!, you’ll be well on your way to mastering how to raise sheep.

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Paired to Perfection — Lamb and Wine