What is Your Livestock Guardian Dog’s Bark Trying to Tell You?

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Our July/August 2017 issue of sheep! is NOW AVAILABLE, featuring stories that answer questions like, what is your livestock guardian dog’s bark trying to tell you? Learn why this magazine is the leading source for sheep information for the modern flockmaster seeking to raise sheep for profit or personal use.

Some of our readers have two or three wool sheep that they shear so they can spin the wool and use it themselves. Others own large commercial flocks whose meat and milk they sell all over the world. And still others are somewhere in between. The one thing they have in common is that they all need help solving the inevitable problems that arise when sheep farming. And so we give it to them critical sheep information every issue! You’ll quickly discover that sheep! makes your life better no matter what your interests are, no matter how many sheep you own, and no matter how long you’ve been raising them.

In this issue of sheep!:

Livestock Guardian Dogs & Barking, Understanding What Your LGD is Telling You by Brenda M. Negri
“When a dog barks it is trying to do one of five things: communicate; guard; warn; feeling happy or sad or lonely; frustrated, fearful, or stressed. Learning to logically distinguish those barks is an important part of being a good livestock guardian dog owner and can help you help your livestock guardian dog do a better job. One of the common complaints about livestock guardian dogs has to do with what their owner calls “excessive barking.”.  Novice and first-time LGD owners sometimes claim their LGDs bark excessively. Usually it isn’t that the barking is necessarily excessive, but more of a problem of the owner’s inability to understand the reason behind the barking.  That’s a problem that can be cured with education of the owner.”

Sheep are stupendous! sheep! is the leading source for the sheep information you need to keep your flock healthy and profitable. Subscribe Now!

Shetland Wool’s “Extra Fine” Legacy, Protected by Official Trademark By Tim King
Although wool quality is an important part of evaluating a proper Shetland Sheep, other aspects such as general character and appearance—head, back, and the tail—are also important elements of the 1927 Breed Standard.

History Rewrites Future, Genetic Study to Offer Useful Future Traits By Alan Harman
The history of sheep breeding and trading along China’s legendary Silk Road is being rewritten using advanced genetic sequencing technology.

Unusual Triplets, An Unassisted, Prolonged (5-Day) Lambing By Laurie Ball-Gisch
Lambing can be an exciting, and nerve-racking experience. Learn about a five-day lambing adventure.

Springrock Jacobs Earn Their Keep By Tim King
Jacob sheep have horns that aren’t just spectacular, they’re a valuable commodity to turn into many useful and in-demand products. A Tennessee farm finds a product in every piece of the useful Jacob breed. Learn how they utilize everything from the wool to the horns.

More Sheep Farming Information in the July/August 2017 issue of sheep!:


• Scribblings: Mob Grazing, Right for You?
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
“The Narrative” Affects Public’s Take On Sheep & Predators
Animal & Human Remorse
Proud New Sheep Breeds Record Keeping Service
Pipestone’s “Sheep For Profit” School, July 5 to 8, 2017
Summer a Bummer?  Four Simple Steps Help Lambs Beat the Heat
Rams That Don’t Butt
Before You Buy Or Build A Fence
New NSIP Certification Program
Federal or State Lands, Part 5
Old-Time Summertime Homemade Wormer Recipes
Hair Sheep Reports
• Wool Gatherings
Sheep May Safely Graze: Red Foxes, General Characteristics & Call-to-Shoot Instructions
Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
Shearing Notes
• Book Review: Don Shymaker’s Journals of a Coyotero
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
News Bleat
~ Flavor Study To Oust Growers Where Aussies Send Lamb
~ Big Dorper Investments In Russia
~ Brits’ “Brief” Procedure To Detect Soil Health
~ Consumers Demand:  “Fix Gamy Lamb;” Aussies Acting On It
~ Farm Parents: Be More Careful!
~ Get Paid To Graze Others’ Land
~ How Machines Analyze Sheep Faces To Detect Pain
~ Stolen Sheep’s Hefting Instinct Brings Them Home
~ USDA’s Only Sheep Research Station Again Faces Closure
~ Portable Machine Shortens Wool Analysis Time
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds

Photo taken by Marlene Bell, of Ewephoric! Texas Horned Dorsets in Big Sandy, Texas.

sheep! magazine delivers thoughtful feature articles and the latest sheep information to make every shepherd more knowledgeable and better able to raise healthy, productive flocks for profit and satisfaction.

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What is Your Livestock Guardian Dog's Bark Trying to Tell You?