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Sheep May/June 18 Cover

Our May/June 2018 issue of sheep! is NOW AVAILABLE, featuring stories that answer questions like, how can I market my raw fleeces? Learn why this magazine is the leading source for sheep information for the modern flockmaster seeking to raise sheep for profit or personal use.

Some of our readers have two or three wool sheep that they shear so they can spin the wool and use it themselves. Others own large commercial flocks whose meat and milk they sell all over the world. And still others are somewhere in between. The one thing they have in common is that they all need help solving the inevitable problems that arise when sheep farming. And so we give it to them critical sheep information every issue! You’ll quickly discover that sheep! makes your life better no matter what your interests are, no matter how many sheep you own, and no matter how long you’ve been raising them.

In this issue of sheep!:

Wool Knowledge Is Power, More Earnings in Small Flocks By Virginia Scholomiti

Small niche markets for wool are not only well established but growing. This factor can be a great opportunity for smaller flock owners, who have smaller quantities of fiber available, enabling each fleece or group of fleeces to be judged and sold on its individual merits rather than as a large bulk commodity. This isn’t a judgment against large-scale producers, rather an exploration of the smaller markets they typically don’t serve. The best part is there is great potential to sell some of your fiber for a greater profit than a wool pool can normally offer. If you are willing to put some thought and planning, perhaps a little more work and a bit of extra time understanding our role as producers, the payoff can be worth it.

Sheep are stupendous! sheep! is the leading source for the sheep information you need to keep your flock healthy and profitable. Subscribe Now!

Valais Blacknose Coming to the U.S By Alan Harman
Originating from Switzerland, Valais Blacknose are a world heritage breed with an estimated global population of just 13,000 or 14,000, verging on an endangered species. Retired New Zealand veterinarian Dave Barton says the attraction of the breed is its adorable look and friendly nature.

Shepherds Lamb By Tim King
The Manzanares family were the first shepherds in New Mexico to get their flock certified organic. Their Shepherd’s Lamb flock is made up of the Navajo Churro breed and crossbreeds of Rambouillet with Dorper. They graze both public and private land in Northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, at elevations ranging from 7,000 feet to over 9,000 feet.

The Small Pen, Overcoming Typical Challenges By DeniceRackley
From its very first lessons on livestock, a new dog needs to be learning to balance livestock—to form a “sheep sandwich,” so to speak: Dog and handler are the bread; sheep are the sandwich filling. The dog then balances the sheep to its handler, reacting with movements that keep them in a group, preventing them from falling out of “the sandwich.” Our moves affect both dog and sheep.

More Sheep Farming Information in the May/June 2018 issue of sheep!:

• Scribblings: Today’s Losses, Tomorrow’s Replacements
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Side Effects of Rye Feeding
~ National Western Stock Show Collegiate Wool Judging Contest
~ Why I Chose Bluefaced Leicester & Border Leicester Sheep
~ More Notes on Portable Field Shelters
~ Ready for the Wolves?
~ Texas Sale to Highlight Performance Data
~ Rest in Peace Don E. Bailey
Hair Sheep Report
Wool Gatherings
Sheep May Safely Graze: Wolves, Canis lupus: A Northern Hemisphere Scourge to FlockmastersShearing Notes
Vet Check
Price Reports
sheep! Bookstore
Book Review: Peggy Harts Wool
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
Shearing Notes
News Bleat
~ Great Tips On Bum Lambs from Ohio State University Extension
~ Quick Help for Chilled Lambs
~ Brit Experts—‘Worm Control No Longer As Simple As Regular Wormer Use’
~ Aussies — Facts on Flukes
~ USDA Researching More Wolf-Protection Dog Breeds
~ Invasive, Dangerous Foreign Tick Flooding New Jersey Property
~ New Zealand Lamb Consumption Way Down, Prices Way Up
~ U.S. Lamb Demand Rising, Supply Falling, Imports Growing
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep MayJune 18 Cover Photo
Untitled, by Erika Miller, of Monroeville, Ohio.


sheep! magazine delivers thoughtful feature articles and the latest sheep information to make every shepherd more knowledgeable and better able to raise healthy, productive flocks for profit and satisfaction.

Never miss another great issue filled with actionable sheep information for today’s flockmaster. With just a few issues of sheep!, you’ll be well on your way to mastering how to raise sheep.

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