Increase Profits On Your Dairy Goat Farm

Tips for Making Your Dairy Goat Farm Profitable; Making Money With Goat Milk Soap; Cheese Recipes; and More!

Dairy Goat Journal

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Running a dairy goat farm, no matter how big or small, can be a challenge but also so rewarding. Learn how you can turn your dairy goat farm into a profitable endeavor. From making goat milk soap or cheese, to getting “more bang for your buck.”

In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal:

Increase Return on Your Dairy Goat Investment by Alexandria Becker
One of the easiest ways to improve return on investment is to minimize the input, or investment. It’s not hard to sink thousands of dollars into raising goats, but with a little ingenuity and drive an owner can also save money, or even make money given enough time and creativity. Learn some tips to help make this happen.

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Goat Milk Soap By Heather Hicks
There are several ways to make money with side businesses. Tips and advice for making money while making soap out of goat milk. “Personal advice for newbies — read, read, read on making soap then get safety equipment.”

Finding Profit By Anneke deJong
Goat dairying is a battle of reducing. Profit depends on how much balance you have on your farm. Good milking practices will reduce poor quality counts, this can affect your price and ability to legally produce milk. Learn how to accomplish balance to improve profit.

Say Cheese! By Marissa Ames
From soft to hard, cheese can be made right in your home for custom flavor and quality. Make your own cheese: Mozzarella, Feta, Paneer, and more!

More on keeping goats from Dairy Goat Journal!

• From the Editor
• In the News:
– Goats in the World
– Dairy Goat Olympics
– New Measures for Miniatures
• Kat’s Caprine Corner
• Judging Quiz: Nubian Milkers
• Judging Reasons
• 2016 NTC All-American Awards
• End of the Dream
• Ancestry
How Goats Think and Feel
• Parasites
• FSMA and VFD Regulations
• Copper Deficiency
• Cheesemaking Supplies
• Cheese Recipes
• Upcoming Events
• Photo Gallery

Juan Carlos Islas runs the kidding program at Summer Hill Goat Dairy in California. Photo by Anneke deJong.

Dairy Goat Journal shares stories on marketing, breeding and raising dairy goats, along with features and information on making the goat business more profitable and rewarding. Keeping goats may be a labor of love, but Dairy Goat Journal makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling.

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Do you have specific ways of saving money around your dairy goat farm? Or a yummy cheese recipe? We would love to hear from you, comment below!


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Increase Profits On Your Dairy Goat Farm