Our First e-edition: How to Start Beekeeping

Countryside is Now Available Monthly, Starting with This Beekeeping for Beginners Issue

We have exciting news for Countryside! If you have a Web-Only or All-Access Countryside subscription, you now get six EXTRA e-editions a year, in addition to the six issues you receive every other month. Yup, that’s a new issue every month!

Our first-ever Early Spring 2017 e-edition is NOW AVAILABLE! You will find the best of beekeeping articles all in one place. This guide to how to start beekeeping covers everything from buying your first bees to making beeswax candles. Subscribe today and look forward to five more e-editions this year as well as every issue online with a new flip book style.


Learn how to start beekeeping with our first e-edition:

+ Beekeeping Journey Photo Essay — Get up close and personal with the bees at the Axe & Root Homestead.

Country Conversation & Feedback — Letters from Countryside readers.

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In this Issue:

+ Package Bees — Starting beekeeping is easy with package bees.

What’s a Nuc? — In a nutshell, a nuc is a small colony to get you started.

Catching Swarms Means Free Bees — Start with swarms that are organized and proven survivors.


Photo by Laura Tyler.

+ Preparing For the Queen — How to get your hive and your queen settled.

Spring Cleaning — Spring is a time to do cleanups and count dead-outs.

What to Know as Spring Unfolds Into Summer — Each season brings a new challenge and opportunity in beekeeping.

Supering Up For a Honey Of a Summer — How to maximize your honey harvest.

Bee Patient — How angry honey bees taught me to take a deep breath.

How to Move the Hive — Safely getting your bees from Point A to Point B.

Time to Winterize Your Beekeeping Gear — A few tips to best store your beekeeping equipment for winter.

Natural Comb Building: Boon or Bust? — The pros & cons of foundation-free comb building.


A natural comb being built in process. Note how the bees interlock their legs.

How to Make Beeswax Candles — Got beeswax? Learn how to make your own candles!

Making Candles

Candles and the dipping vats.

Propolis: Bee Glue That Heals — The resin bees leave behind just might keep that cold away.

How to Talk to Vegans About Honey — How to have a productive conversation with a honey-curious vegan.

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Our First e-edition: How to Start Beekeeping