Learn How to Make Cheese at Home

Why Keep Older Hens, Repel Insects Naturally, Varroa Mite Treatment and More!

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Countryside May/June 2017

Say cheese! From soft to hard varieties, learning how to make cheese at home is a rewarding experience. In Countryside’s May / June 2017 issue, Marissa Ames shows you how to get started with several popular cheese recipes and thorough step-by-step instructions. 

+ How to Make Cheese at Home — Cheese can be made right in your home for custom flavor and quality. Sure, there’s a learning curve and you need specific equipment, but if you start at the simplest recipes and work up, you’ll soon have amazing selections, made with your own two hands. Learn how to make mozzarella cheese in seven easy steps; recipes and uses for feta cheese; a traditional paneer cheese recipe; and much more!

How to Start Dairy Farming with Goats and Sheep — There are more options than only the traditional dairy cow. Delicious milk, high in nutrients, is a good reason for choosing dairy goats and sheep. Careful thought and preparation are necessary if you plan on adding a dairy goat farming business plan to your homestead goals. We will show you some ideas that will get you on a successful path.

No Spring Chicken — There are many reasons to keep older hens around your homestead. Lisa Steele talks about alternatives to culling chickens, and how to put an older hen to work in your coop. From making good broody hens to producing larger eggs, you can find a use for an older hen other than chicken soup.

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In this Issue:

Heirloom Tomatoes Withstand the Test of Time — Top quality taste and freshness passed through generations.

Coriander/Cilantro: Herb and Spice All in One — This plant provides bang for the buck with dual uses.

Buzz Off! — Plants that naturally repel insects.

How to Make Cheese at Home — From soft to hard, cheese can be made right in your home for custom flavor and quality.

Managing Pests in the Beehive — Ants and Varroa Mites can be controlled using these natural techniques.

How to Start Dairy Farming with Goats and Sheep — Cows aren’t the only path to dairy success.

It’s Time to Milk the Cows! — Tips and advice from active dairy farmers.

No Spring Chicken — Older hens don’t have to end up in the stew pot, they can have value on the homestead.

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An Easy Carrot Cake Recipe Evokes Sweet Memories

RX From Mother Nature

Digging Fence Holes 101

Book Preview: Homegrown Herbs

Also in This Issue:

I Am Countryside Reader Submitted Photos — May/June 2017

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Countryside Conversation & Feedback — May/June 2017

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