Hearty Home-Cooked Recipes and Cooking on Cast Iron

Hearty Home-Cooked Recipes, Scrumptious Stuffed Chicken, Norwegian Fare, Bread Baking, and Much More!

Our Fall 2017 e-edition is now available! And boy, do we have some yummy, hearty, home-cooked recipes to share with you! Scrumptious stuffed chicken, fall in love with Norwegian fare, learn the lost art of bread baking, and much more.

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CYS e-edition Fall 17

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Our Fall 2017 e-edition features hearty, home-cooked recipes. Scrumptious stuffed chicken, Norwegian fare, bread baking, and more! Plus tips on caring for cast iron.

I Am Countryside — Reader-submitted photos of homesteading across the country.

Country Conversation — Readers share tips on how to be thrifty on the homestead.

Feature Stories with Yummy, Hearty, Home-Cooked Recipes

Segediener Goulash Recipe — A time-honored Eastern European recipe.

Hearty Minnesota Fare – Recipes inspired by a homesteader’s Norwegian great-grandparents.

Tomato Sauce

Lazy Man’s Tomato Sauce — An easy three-step process for getting tomato sauce in a hurry.

Cornbread in Cast Iron

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread — Next time you crave cornbread, reach for your cast iron skillet!

Cast Iron

Using a Cast Iron Skillet — The do’s and don’ts of caring for a cast iron skillet.

Enjoy Brussels Sprouts All Year Long — A simple recipe to enjoy the freshness of homegrown Brussels sprouts.

Stuffed Chicken Galore! — A variety of delicious stuffed chicken recipes for any plalate.

Versatile Table Fare Courtesy of the Duck — Duck meat is rich and delicious, and can be cooked in adventurous ways.

Experimenting with Maple Syrup — Mouthwatering maple syrup recipes for any mealtime.

Making German Bread in Your Home Oven — Baking the perfect loaf for a casual supper or formal occasion.

Bread Baking

Bread Baking is Becoming a Lost Art — Baking bread is easier than you think, and these helpful tips make it foolproof.

Persimmons, The Forgotten Fruit — A seasonal pudding where Persimmons plays the starring role.

What’s for Dessert?— A little something sweet to cap a countryside meal.

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Hearty Home-Cooked Recipes and Cooking on Cast Iron