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There are many compelling reasons for raising dairy goats. Perhaps you’re intrigued by goat milk benefitsmaking goat cheese or learning how to make goat milk soap. Whether you want to raise a small herd for your personal or family needs or are interested in raising goats for profit, you’ll find these creatures to be friendly, docile, curious and intelligent, and Dairy Goat Journal has the top goat information you need to raise a healthy, happy herd.

In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal:

Goats in the Classroom by Mandi Becker
Giving young kids the opportunity to explore an agriculture opportunity is priceless. Giving back to the community is just one of the many rewards of raising goats. Passing on information to a new generation may encourage them to graduate with a new-found respect and love of the life that farmers lead. Discover how one farm shares information on goat farming with her local schools.

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Show Preparation By Alexandria Becker
“Preparation is the key to success. Like so many other little rules or suggestions in life, this phrase works quite well with showing dairy goats, or showing in general. Without being prepared the showman will likely find himself or herself in a situation which is fully undesirable and highly unpleasant.”

Goat Guardians By Brenda M. Negri
A better understanding of young LGDs can provide an incredible, satisfying relationship with a magnificent dog that is worth its weight in gold. You will see your LGD mature into a useful guardian of your herd.

Tendon Tamers By Katherine Drovdahl
Learn how to handle contracted tendons in your kids.

Brain Training By Tamsin Cooper
Understanding how your goats see the world will help you design equipment and housing with their welfare in mind. Learning provides an important tool for the welfare of your goats. Make sure they don’t get bored and learn how to help them to deal with stress.

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• In the News:
– Toilets
– Baby Goats Soothing Students
• Kat’s Caprine Corner
• Judging Quiz: Nubian Dwarf Milking Does
• Judging Reasons
• Saanen Production Awards
• Genome Studies
• Goat Walk
• Goat Milk Research
• Goat Promotion
• Agriculture Advocate
• Photo Gallery

Every year Tucker Seibert enjoys promoting dairy goats and sharing some of his favorite does with students at his school, Enterprise Elementary, part of USD 473 (Chapman). Children there eagerly anticipate their time with Tucker’s goats each year. Photo by TeCoa Seibert, Kansas.

Dairy Goat Journal shares stories on marketing, breeding and raising dairy goats, along with features and goat information on making the goat business more profitable and rewarding. Keeping goats may be a labor of love, but Dairy Goat Journal makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling.

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Do you have way of promoting your dairy goats in your community? We would love to hear from you, comment below!


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