It’s Chick Time — Getting Ready for New Arrivals!

10 Chick Mistakes to Avoid, Brooder Heat 101, Chick Nutrition, Build a Brooder Cabinet, and More!

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got exciting news for all you Backyard Poultry readers out there! If you have a Web-Only or All-Access Backyard Poultry subscription, you now get four EXTRA e-editions a year, in addition to the six issues you receive every other month. Yup, that’s four EXTRA digital editions all about flock care, seasonal concerns like molting, chicken and poultry breeds, egg production and more! Our Spring 2018 e-edition is NOW AVAILABLE and we are providing information on all about getting ready for new arrivals to your flock. Tips on how to get ready so your prepared — from brooders to heat lamps!  Subscribe today and look forward to more e-editions as well as every issue online with a new flip book style!


BYP eedition Spring 18 CoverIn this Issue:

• From the Editor: Chick Season, An Exercise in WillpowerBackyard Poultry editor, Pam Freeman, discusses the excitement of spring and new additions to your flock.

• Chicken Chat — Readers share pictures of their adorable new arrivals.

• Flock Photos— Featuring photos from our readers. Learn how you can share your poultry photos too!

Get ready for those new arrivals:

• Getting Ready for Spring Chicks — Brooder basics and more. By Gail Damerow

 10 Common Mistakes New Poultry Owners Make Chicks — Avoid these missteps with proper preparation. By Gail Damerow

• A Guide to Getting New Chicks — Where and how to get what you want in your flock. By Erin Phillips

• Oh, Baby! — Preventing and treating pasting in chicks. By Tiffany Towne, Nutrena Poultry Expert

• Build Your Own Brooder Cabinet — Brood your babies in this stylish cabinet. By Ana White

• It’s All About the Heat! — Learn the best temperatures for chicks and when to get them outdoors. By Marissa Ames

• Chick Nutrition, Start to Finish — What to feed baby chickens so they thrive. By Jeremy Chartier

• Busting Myths About Medicated Chick Starters — Why is medicated feed confusing? By Laura Beckard

And more!

Backyard Poultry magazine is your best source for information on how to raise healthier, more productive backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and even keeping guinea fowl. Whether you live on a farm, call a suburban neighborhood home, or are mastering poultry farming in an urban environment, we have the how-to guides and tips.

Never miss another great issue! Subscribe to Backyard Poultry today and gain access to the Spring 2018 e-edition, and many more to come.

How do you prepare for your new arrivals? Let us know in the comments below!


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It's Chick Time — Getting Ready for New Arrivals!