Sheep! From a DIY Mobile Sheep Shelter to Hair Sheep Breeds

Picking Tractor Tires; Using Kitchen Waste in the Garden; Baby Chick Health Basics ... and More!

CYS MayJune 2018

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This time of year, my homestead is bursting with wildlife and in my gardens, the early flowers are blooming providing a haven for bees and wasps as they search for food.

While honeybees get top billing in pollinator publicity, most people don’t realize we have thousands of native bee and wasp species. I am passionate about protecting our native species because they make up a network just as valuable as honeybees. This network includes pollination, pest control and providing food for other critters.

All our bees and wasps need our help as they are facing increasing habitat loss and pesticide use. In my gardens, I don’t use chemicals and I leave some extras for the insects. For instance, my fennel plants grow where they seed and stay to provide a valuable food source. Dandelions are welcome, and flowers aren’t cut back until they’re done blooming. I also extend some help year-round by not cleaning up all the leaves, rotten logs, and areas where bees and wasps will spend the cold months.

So, as your gardens begin to grow after winter’s rest, consider making them a welcome place for our pollinators both native and honeybee. In the end, it will benefit everyone.

Happy spring!

-Pam Freeman, Editor

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In this Issue:

Feature Stories of Raising Sheep:

A DIY Mobile Sheep Shelter — Perfect for lambing season. By Carole West

+ A Guide to Forage Production and Quality — Only the best for your animals. By John Hibma

+ Exploring Hair Sheep Breeds — A great choice for homestead meat. By Janet Garman



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More Great Stories in this issue:

Easy Composting with Kitchen Scraps — Food scraps can equal productivity. By Marissa Ames

8 Uses for Whey Around the Homestead — Don’t throw out valuable products! There are many uses for whey around the homestead. By Marissa Ames

Lemon Water Benefits — Utilize this potent fruit for good health. By Rita Heikenfeld

Lemon Water

Succession Planting for Bees — Keep flowers in steady supply. By Angi Schneider

The Deadly Mating Ritual of Honey Bees — Death and new life go hand in hand. By Angi Schneider



Don’t Miss These Great Features and More:  

Firearm Responsibility — Ensure safety above all else. By Jeremy Chartier

The Best Tractor Tires for Your Farm — Find what works best for you. By Jeremy Chartier

Give Me a Break! — Tips to find a farm sitter. By Janet Garman

+ Is Renting Poultry Processing Equipment a Viable Option? — Explore pros and cons. By Doug Ottinger

+ Baby Chick Health Basics — What you need to know. By Pam Freeman


Also In This Issue:

I am Countryside Photo Essay — Daffodil Acres Spring Colors

From Countryside Editor Pam Freeman — Bee Benefits

Countryside Conversation & Feedback — March/April 2018

Just For Fun 102/3

Countryside Bookstore

Almanack 102/3


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Sheep! From a DIY Mobile Sheep Shelter to Hair Sheep Breeds