Exploring Cherished Chicken Breeds

What's the Difference Between Bantam Chickens and Standard-Sized Chickens?

BYP Spring 2017 e-editionIn case you haven’t heard, we’ve got exciting news for all you Backyard Poultry readers out there! If you have a Web-Only or All-Access Backyard Poultry subscription, you now get six EXTRA e-editions a year, in addition to the six issues you receive every other month. Yup, that’s a new issue every month!

Our Spring 2017 e-edition is NOW AVAILABLE. Join us as we explore cherished chicken breeds, discover some of the world’s most unique chickens, explain bantam chicken breeds and much more! Plus, you’ll get chicken coop inspiration, fun flock photos, and answers to common flock challenges from our poultry experts. Subscribe today and look forward to four more e-editions this year as well as every issue online with a new flip book style!

In this Issue:

•  From the Editor: Selecting a Chicken Breed — Backyard Poultry editor, Pam Freeman, addresses choosing the perfect chicken breed for your homestead.

•  Flock Photos — Reader-submitted photos, featuring photos from our Instagram #backyardpoultryfelfiecontest. Learn how you can share your poultry photos too!

•  Something to Crow About — Readers write in about their experience in raising poultry, from a special needs chicken to double yolk eggs, join us as we learn more about our poultry readers.

• Poultry Talk — Feeding picky chickens, increasing egg production, and more poultry health questions answered.

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 Learn About Poultry Breeds:

• Poultry Breeds … What Are They Anyway? — What is the true definition of a poultry breed and why does it matter?

• Unique Among Chickens — Distinctions that separate some breeds from all others.

• Are Bantams Real Chickens? — Yes! And for some, they are even ideal chickens.

• Small & Useful Bantam Chickens — Bantam chicken breeds that prove good things come in small packages.

• Wyandottes, An American Tradition — Fall in love with one of the most prominent chicken breeds in America.

• A Storybook Life of a Polish Chicken — Jan Brett, author and illustrator, travels the world and raises world-class chickens.

• Delawares — A few poultry enthusiasts are passionately trying to recreate this entirely American bird.

• Garfield Farm and the Java Chicken — A second chance for one of America’s oldest chicken breeds.

• The Long Line of Brown Leghorns — Explore the legacy of the most commonly kept breed.

• The Fighting Story Behind Hawaii’s Feral Chickens — Stray chicken-corralling is proving a costly venture in Hawaii.

• Coop Inspiration — A Rustic Coop — An upcycled design that blends with its surroundings.

• Backyard Poultry Bookstore

And more!

Backyard Poultry magazine is your best source for information on how to raise healthier, more productive backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and even keeping guinea fowl. Whether you live on a farm, call a suburban neighborhood home, or are mastering poultry farming in an urban environment, we have the how-to guides and tips.

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What is your favorite chicken breed? Why? Let us know in the comments below!


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