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Learn How Retirement is Gouda at Holy Goat Creamery; Biodiversity Lessons From Cows; ADGA 2017 National Show Results; and much more!

DGJ SeptOct 17 Cover

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There are many compelling reasons for raising dairy goats. Perhaps you’re intrigued by goat milk benefitsmaking goat cheese or learning how to make goat milk soap. Whether you want to raise a small herd for your personal or family needs or are interested in raising goats for profit, you’ll find these creatures to be friendly, docile, curious and intelligent, and Dairy Goat Journal has the top goat information you need to raise a healthy, happy herd.

In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal:

Holy Goat Creamery by Amy G. Hadachek
After delivering babies and doing gynecologic surgery in Manhattan, Kansas for nearly three decades, Suzanne Bennett, M.D. is now owner-operator of the Holy Goat Creamery three miles outside of Manhattan, and is delivering different kinds of ‘kids;’ which she fondly calls … her goats. Newly-retired from her 29-year medical practice, a central Kansas obstetrician/gynecologist is diving with vigor into her brand new career; milking goats and operating a creamery. This story is about living a second dream job and simultaneously giving back … in life.

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ADGA Show Results
The 2017 American Dairy Goat Association National Show was held July 8-14, 2017 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Find show results for Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarfs, Nubians, and more.

Neville McNaughton By Amy G. Hadachek
International Cheese Consultant Neville McNaughton shares his unique career and background.

Lessons From Cows By Tamsin Cooper
Many a dairy goat farmer may envy the progress of Holstein cattle that have doubled milk production over the last 40 years. However, looking closely, improvements in productivity have come at a heavy price of increased health issues and nutritional demands. Furthermore, conservationists warn that dwindling genetic diversity threatens the future of farming, as animals become ill-equipped to adapt to changing conditions or new diseases. The United Nations are so concerned that over 100 countries are already signed up to monitoring genealogies and changing breeding objectives.

Goat Barns By Jeremy Chartier
Have you thought about turning a prefab shed into a goat barn? Here is a helpful tutorial on how to do it!

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Milking parlor at Holy Goat Creamery near Manhattan, Kansas. Photo courtesy Dr. Suzanne Bennett.

Dairy Goat Journal shares stories on marketing, breeding and raising dairy goats, along with features and goat information on making the goat business more profitable and rewarding. Keeping goats may be a labor of love, but Dairy Goat Journal makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling.

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