Cool Chicken Coops, Therapy Chickens and More!

Keeping Show Chickens Healthy; 6 Chicken Coop Design Basics; Pigeon Types and So Much More


Our August/September 2017 issue is NOW AVAILABLE! Learn how therapy chickens are gaining in popularity, check out cool chicken coops from readers, including our three Coolest Coops contest winners, and see pictures and facts about the tallest chicken breed in the world. Subscribe today!

In this issue, take a peek inside the world of therapy chickens. The therapeutic value of taking dogs to visit hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes is well known. Providing companionship, confidence, and a feeling of well-being to people in need. But therapy chickens? Yes! See how therapy chickens are helping in many ways. Also, check out some cool coop ideas as we announce our 2017 Coolest Coops winners. From small details to extravagant ideas, you are sure to find something you love! Looking for a good frittata recipe? Look no further, we have some recipes that are sure to be a hit. Plus, keep your show chickens healthy, meet the Malay chicken, discover the six basics for chicken coop design, and much more!

Find all this and more in your August/September 2017 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine! Also, with this issue, you can view it as a new flip book style!

In this Issue:

+ Celebrating the Cool Chicken Coops Across America — Winner: Editors’ ChoiceWinners: Voters’ Choice, Honorable Mentions

My Journey with Chickens— Starting young, and with inspiration from Grandpa, a passion for chicken keeping is born.

Therapy Chickens Gaining Popularity — A look at the growing use for chickens in therapy in the United States and abroad.

Bethel Home Helping Hens — A Project to help a sick grandmother helps an entire community.

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From Rollers to Racers: Explore Pigeon Types and Breeds — Meet the colorful and unique pigeon breeds available for fanciers.

Frittatas 101 — Start Basic Then Make it Fancy — A quick and easy weeknight dinner that’s delicious and nutritious.

Keeping Show Chickens Healthy — Tips to make sure your flock stays healthy at home and away.

Tall & Proud — Meet the Malay Chicken — A unique addition to a backyard flock.

Six Basics for Chicken Coop Design — The coolest coops offer the basics!

Breeding to Establish Traits You Want in a Backyard Flock — You don’t have to rely on a commercial breeder to meet your needs.

Chickens in a Minute: Molting 101 — Molting 101: Know why chickens lose and replace feathers.

Protein-Packed Smoothies for Molting Chickens — Extra nutrition for a healthy molt.

More Great Resources, Stories, and Tips in Each Issue:
From The Editor: Coop Inspiration
Backyard Poultry Bookstore
Poultry Talk
Coming Events
Flock Photos
And much more!

Backyard Poultry magazine is your best source for information on how to raise healthier, more productive backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and even keeping guinea fowl. Whether you live on a farm, call a suburban neighborhood home, or are mastering poultry farming in an urban environment, we have the how-to guides and tips.

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Do you have a custom-build cool chicken coop to share? We’d love to see it! Link to your photos in the comments.


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Cool Chicken Coops, Therapy Chickens and More!