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Goat Journal is an all-new publication dedicated to dairy goats and so much more! It’s all the great dairy goat information you’ve come to love — goat milk benefitsmaking goat cheese or learning how to make goat milk soap — with expanded information on other goats! Thinking about raising pack goats? Or raising goats for fiber? Goat Journal has all that information and more! Whether you want to raise a small herd for your personal or family needs or are interested in raising goats for profit, you’ll find these creatures to be friendly, docile, curious and intelligent, and Goat Journal has the top goat information you need to raise a healthy, happy herd.

In this Issue of Goat Journal:

Have You Tried Goat Yoga? By Theresa Miller
Farmers are supplementing their income by offering yoga with goats. Though it’s a new concept, goat yoga is growing because it offers exercise, relaxation, and friendly goats that climb on participants as they practice. The goats are inquisitive, which makes the exercise entertaining. Most people who come to the classes have never even tried yoga, they go for the goats.

Dairy goats are delightful! Goat Journal is the leading source of information you need to keep your herd healthy and profitable. Subscribe Now!

Written on Their Faces By Tamsin Cooper
Learn how to recognize caprine body language and facial expressions. Without context and other observations, we may incorrectly interpret some expressions. Pain, fear, and anger produce many common facial signs. Mock aggressive faces are often worn at play.

Hazards of Keeping Goats By Lacey Hughett
Raising goats is all fun and games until the horns come out. The animals we love the most, sometimes, hurt us the most.

Breath of Life By Katherine Drovdahl, MH CR CA DipHIr CEIT QTP
Of all the conditions that can affect goats, lungs tend to be the weakest link. Lung wellness is crucial but natural remedies can help. Some symptoms to look for are lack of energy, depressed attitude, not eating grain well, hunched up, hair fluffed out, fever, lung sounds, and sweat.

Saving the Arapawa Goats By Amy G. Hadachek
A Kansas zoo makes efforts to preserve a rare goat breed.

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Goat Cover Photo

Tiger Lily, a Nubian doe, enjoys a rare January snowstorm. See Fan Photos for another picture of Tiger Lily and her best friend, Ella. Submitted by Ashley of A&A Acres in Southern Oregon.

Goat Journal shares stories on marketing, breeding and raising dairy goats, along with features and goat information on making the goat business more profitable and rewarding. Keeping goats may be a labor of love, but Dairy Goat Journal makes it a lot easier and more fulfilling.

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