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Sheep Jan/Feb 2019

Our January/February 2019 issue of sheep! is NOW AVAILABLE, featuring stories on bigger lambs, moving sheep North to Alaska, and much more! Learn why this magazine is the leading source for sheep information for the modern flockmaster seeking to raise sheep for profit or personal use.

Some of our readers have two or three wool sheep that they shear so they can spin the wool and use it themselves. Others own large commercial flocks whose meat and milk they sell all over the world. And still others are somewhere in between. The one thing they have in common is that they all need help solving the inevitable problems that arise when sheep farming. And so we give it to them critical sheep information every issue! You’ll quickly discover that sheep! makes your life better no matter what your interests are, no matter how many sheep you own, and no matter how long you’ve been raising them.

In this issue of sheep!:

Bigger Lambs, Without Drugs & Drudgery By Patrice Lewis
Wool from Norway is justifiably famous for its fineness and beauty. But for sheep to produce wool, they must start as lambs. And lambs, as every farmer knows, often have a rough start in life. Those entrusted with raising sheep must be attentive and proactive about the issues they face. As with any baby mammal, lambs require colostrum — and this can be a problem with sheep if the mother rejects the lamb or the lamb has difficulty nursing.

Shearing Sheep

Bladesmen Afoot, A Fine Day Shearing the Leyden Glen Flock By Kristen Nicholas
“Shearing day was in mid-November at my brother-in-law’s dairy farm, where we have our shearing and lambing shed for our sheep operation. Our shearer, Kevin Ford, usually has Gwen Hinman come from New Hampshire to our Massachusetts farm to help with the shearing of our 200 head white faced flock. But this year’s shearing day saw Jeff Burchstead from Wiscasset, Maine and Doug Rathke from Hutchinson, Minnesota drop in to join Kevin for a day and a half of blade shearing.

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Dual Coat Dynamics, Part Two: A Harvest’s Uses By Jacqueline Harp
The differences in characteristics and uses of the outer and inner coats can be extreme. Comparing an outer coat to an inner coat can be like comparing a tailored vest to a fluffy sweater; a horse blanket to a baby blanket; ship sails to a wedding shawl. Non-woven uses of these fibers (i.e., outside their use as yarn), can be explored to better understand their potential markets.

Sheep Go North to Alaska

North to Alaska! By Yates Colby & Bill Marion
St. Croix sheep tend to conjure images of warm Caribbean islands and sandy beaches. Recently, a group of St. Croix sheep made the long journey north to the 49th state to establish the very first breeding flock of St. Croix sheep in Alaska. Blood Sweat & Food Farms (BSF) is based in Homer, Alaska and is dedicated to growing naturally raised, healthful livestock and produce to share with the local community. The farm raises heritage breed Tamworth hogs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and rabbits, as well as growing vegetable crops year-round.

Frontier Island Polypays, A Small, Unlikely Start-Up Growing Fast By Alan Harman
The Polypay sheep of Sugar Island on America’s remote northern frontier are thriving, along with a Cleveland couple who six years ago jumped into farming at the deep end. Jeff and Rebecca Franks never expected to be farmers.

More Sheep Farming Information in the January/February 2019 issue of sheep!:

• Scribblings: Our Daily Harvest, Whispered Profits
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Are There Really Hundreds of Sheep Breeds?
~ Fewer Hired Ag Laborers in 2018; Hourly Earnings Grew
~ Gain Sheep Skills Fast: Indianhead Small Ruminant Clinic
~ Replying to a “Cry Wolf” Story
~ Ten Years of Big Advances with U.S. Scottish Blackface Breed
~ Michigan Shepherds Weekend: Your Sheep Can Earn More Pay
~ Hair Sheep Advancement in South Central Region of the U.S
~ Political Actions Affecting World Sheep Prices and Movement
~ Dry Times Leave Only Hardiest Hair Breed Ewes for Brood Stock
~ Cheaply Lengthening Pasture’s Green Reserve — New Developments
• Hair Sheep Reports
• Sheep May Safely Graze: Wolves Show Up, Now What?
• Wool Gatherings
• Price Reports
• sheep! Bookstore
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
• News Bleat
~ St. Croix Stomach Juices that Fight Worms
~ Millennials Raising Demand for Sheep Meat & Wool
~ Offshore Sheep Meat Slowly Taking Over U.S. Market Share
~ Rising U.S. Rug Buying Lifts Corriedale Demand
~ Congressmen Signal Contempt for Disaster Livestock Aid Recipients
~ PETA Stands Idly By Cruelty to Gin Up Anti-Wool Donors
~ Finewool Jammies Induce Deeper, Quicker, Better Sleep
~ “Extinct” Wild Red Wolves Still Breeding ‘Yotes in Texas?
~ New Forage Cultivar To Keep Up Gains On Summer-Parched Land
~ Wool Pillows Offer Better Sleep
• sheep! Breeders & Classifieds


Sheep JanFeb 19 Cover

“A Tender, Snowy Welcome,” by Dean and Kari Hyden, at their Shepherd’s Bounty sheep outfit in Chewelah, Washington.


sheep! magazine delivers thoughtful feature articles and the latest sheep information to make every shepherd more knowledgeable and better able to raise healthy, productive flocks for profit and satisfaction.

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Bigger Lambs, Moving Sheep North to Alaska, and Much More from sheep! Magazine