Benefits of Rotary Goat Milking for Dairy Goat Farms

Goat Pregnancy Signs: How to Tell if Babies are on the Way

Dairy Goat Journal

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Saving time and money when running a dairy goat farm is always a bonus. In our latest issue of Dairy Goat Journal, learn how a rotary goat milking system shortens the time needed to milk more than 2,000 does. Plus, learn how to spot goat pregnancy signs.

In this issue of Dairy Goat Journal:

Rotary Goat Milking At Summerhill Dairy by Anneke De Jong
A rotary goat milking system shortens the time needed to milk more than 2,000 does at Summer Hill Dairy in California. The rotary milking parlor has proven to be high quality and low maintenance. Trouble free milking equipment is vital when you have goats that need to be milked twice a day and cannot simply wait until the equipment has been repaired. Automated cleaning systems help sanitizing the equipment easy and high-quality milk standards to be maintained without a large input of labor. All these factors have an important economic impact on dairy goat businesses as retailers and customers depend on a consistent supply of high quality milk.

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Good Records Equal Good Management by Alex Becker
From a hobbyist with two goats, to a business with over 200 head, to a researcher on a large project, all herdsmen keep some sort of records. Learn how good records can help financially, and other benefits.

Goat Pregnancy Signs
by Katherine Drovdahl, MH CR CA DipHIr CEIT QTP
“You will hear this many times from many people. It is important to write down every breeding date on a doe. Every time. Even the ones that you breed on your way to running an errand into town because you just noticed that Hallie goat is hanging out near the buck pen flagging away. I mention this because I too have missed writing one of these down every few years. The other reason is you may have a doe recycle and of course your appropriate response to that is to rebreed her. ”

Linda Miller’s Barn by Jennifer Stultz
Learn how a new metal building rose from the ashes of a barn-fire disaster at Miller’s Walnut-Grove Goat Dairy in Kansas.

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Benefits of Rotary Goat Milking for Dairy Goat Farms