The 10 Best Agriculture Schools in the U.S.

How to Can Food, Aloe Vera Medicinal Uses & How to Make Beeswax Candles

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On The Cover: Best Agriculture Schools—10 public and private schools that are teaching simple living and responsible farming.

Farming, to the Nth Degree – These universities are offering traditional agriculture courses, while also sewing in curriculums related to sustainability and responsibility.


“What are colleges and universities teaching agriculture students these days? Nothing less than how to save the world, of course. Academia, I learned, is not all about laptops and college football games these days. In a few corners around the country, universities and colleges are training their students in the science of getting their hands dirty and making food.” -Doug Ottinger (Minnesota) 

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In this Issue:

What You Can, and Can’t, Can – You can preserve almost everything in a can, so Gail Damerow details the few exceptions and explains why.

Solar Gadgets on the Homestead – Fence chargers, gate openers and other ways to add electricity without great expense.

The Fall and Resurrection of Hemp – Hemp is a once-illegal crop that’s returning as a major opportunity for some farmers.

The Remarkable Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe vera medicinal uses are endless. Use it as an antibiotic, astringent, pain inhibitor, emollient, moisturizer and more.

Finding the Best Pumpkins for Pie – Marissa Ames couldn’t find the right pie pumpkin, so she went looking for answers.

Congrats on the Harvest! Now What? – Your harvest was successful, so now you need to make it last. Learn how to store vegetables in the winter.

Winterizing Your Beekeeping Gear – A few steps to take to make sure your equipment is stored properly this winter.

Don’t Miss These Great Features and More: 

Propagating House Plants

Remembering the Heroes of the Homestead

On to Cuba

How to Build a Bar

Homesteading Hack #2: Measuring Your Pond Volume in Gallons

Think Like a Squirrel: Identify and Store Nuts for the Winter

How to Make Beeswax Candles

Tube Feeding A Weak Kid 

An Assignment to Fall For

The Big Adventures of Piggy Smalls

Rethinking Rural Retirement

Also in This Issue:

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Enjoy the November/December 2016 issue of Countryside and share your thoughts about the best agriculture schools that we reviewed.


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