Coturnix Quail Eggs Vs. Chicken Eggs

Even if You Aren't Raising Quail, You Can Still Enjoy the Benefits of Quail Eggs

The Coturnix quail egg is often considered a delicacy because of its nutritive properties and countless uses in recipes around the world. Restaurants crave these pigmented quail eggs in their gourmet dishes; artists enjoy using the egg in their masterpieces and egg art. Most importantly, pharmaceutical companies gather Coturnix quail eggs to create new vaccines. Why Coturnix quails? What properties do they have that other quail breeds do not? Why are they so valuable? Let’s take a look at quail eggs vs chicken eggs and other interesting quail egg facts.

I wrote what some people call a textbook in 2012, the Coturnix Revolution. When I started writing the book for people who wanted to learn more about raising quail, this question wracked my brain for weeks: What makes them so special? When it comes to quail eggs vs chicken eggs, did you know it takes three to four jumbo Coturnix quail eggs to equal one chicken egg and their properties are so unique?

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The Coturnix quail egg not only has amazing protein, it contains good cholesterol and a high concentration of minerals and vitamins. When comparing quail eggs vs chicken eggs, one quail egg contains six times more vitamin B1 and 15  times more vitamin B2. Quail eggs contain iron, folate, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, and selenium, as well. Quail eggs are the only dietetic eggs in the world, after all.

Coturnix quail eggs have been proven very beneficial in fighting more than 30 diseases. These benefits have been recorded in scientific magazines and journals and through universities and laboratories. Quail are used as “lab rats” in many facilities because of their fast maturation. They have superior protein quality such that the protein in the egg white contains ovomucoid. This ovomucoid is an an enzyme and is known as a proteinase inhibitor, or better suited as a protein component, that is responsible for egg allergies.

This protein component is so important that pharmaceutical companies are extracting it to make vaccines. Now if vaccines were less harmful and contained only good, we could be more excited about the components of vaccines; however, there can be some harm done with vaccinations as a whole. Quail eggs alone, however, are very beneficial on their own. If you are looking for more holistic ways to fight infection or disease, the quail egg is a good choice.

Using a quail egg cutter, you can separate the yolk from the shell easily.

Using a quail egg cutter, you can separate the yolk from the shell easily.

Among some of the more interesting egg facts, quail eggs have been used for therapeutic properties for many centuries. The early Egyptians and even the Chinese civilizations used this remarkable little egg to treat many health problems. Because of such a great interest in the quail egg properties, the therapeutic properties were re-discovered in 1967 by Dr. J.C. Truffier from France. He used the eggs to successfully treat asthma, impotence, and many allergies. This egg is still being studied today. Truffier brought the discovery back, but we are constantly finding new ways to treat ailments using the remarkable quail egg.

Quail Eggs

Because quail eggs are easily obtainable, you can assist your own health with a couple quail eggs. How do you eat them? Boiled, raw, pickled? There are many ways to cook quail eggs, but if you want to promote your health, the best way to consume the quail eggs is raw. Make sure you wash them first in boiling water. Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs do not contain Salmonella due to an increased amount of lysozyme. Lysozyme kills harmful bacteria. The body temperature of quail is also higher than that of chickens, another reason why they don’t contain harmful bacteria that would make you sick. Consuming raw quail eggs with warm water helps your stomach not ache, however, you can have your eggs in protein shakes or with juices.

Now that you know a little more about quail eggs vs chicken eggs, don’t you just want to go to the kitchen and whip something up for your health?

Originally published in 2013 and regularly vetted for accuracy.

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