List: The Best Chicken Names — A to Z

Take a Look at These Cute Baby Chick Names


Penelope, Photo by Erin Carlson

Dreaming up the perfect baby chick names is one of the most exciting parts of starting or adding to a flock.

If you need inspiration, our readers and fans are here to help. Take a look at these good chicken name suggestions!

If you’ve got your own list of good chicken names, share your fun ideas in the comments below and we’ll add them here.


(in alphabetical order):

• Abby • Abednego • Adele • Aflac • Albert  • Amelia Egghart • Angel • Angelica • Anna • Annie • Antonina • April • Astrid • Aurora • Autumn • Ava Chanel • Avaleach
• Bandit • Batgirl • Beaky • Beakster • Bean • Beatrice • Beethoven “Lil Miss B” • Bella • Belle • Belmont• Benipe • Benny & Joon • Bernice • Betsy • Birdie • Billie Jean • Biscuit • Black Beauty • Blanche • Black Betty • Blue • Bluebelle • Bob, Not Bob & Robert • Bongo • Boomer • Bread & Butter • Breakfast • Brownie • Buck • Buffalo Wings • Buffy • Burger • Buttercup • Butterfinger • Buffy • Bunny
• Cammi • Caribou • Carl • Caruso • Cecelia • Charlie • Charlotte • Cheek Cheek • Cheeky • Che r• Chickeel O’Neil • Chicken Patty • Chipmunk Extra Toes • Chippy • Chips & Cheese • Cholula • Cinnamon • Cinnamon & Sugar • Clairetta • Clarabelle • Clarisse • Clover • Cockadoodledoo • Coco • Coconut • Colton • Cookie • Cookie & Cream • Cookies & Cream • Copper • Cornbread Jones • Cotton • Cowie • Cracker • Crooked Toes • Crossy Road • Crow • Cupcake • Cutie Pie
• Daisy • Daliah • Daisy Duck • Delta • Dixie • Dolly • Dorothy • Dory • Dottie Kay • Drumstick • Duck Duck • Duckie Momo • Duckiegirl • Duke • Dusty & Bunny
• Earth, Wind & Fire • Easter • Edith • Edna & Elle • Egger • Eggy Sue • Elphaba • Ella • Elsa • Elvis • Emily • Ena • Ester • Esther • Ethel • Etta-leghorn • Eugene
• Fancy Boy • Fancy Feet • Farrah • Featherfluff, Featherball, & Featherywhite • Fiesta • Flash • Fleeker • Fleur • Flo • Floyd Frizzles • Fluff • Fluffy • Fluffy Butt • Flutters • Former Penguin, The • Franchesca • Francine • Frank • Franny • Freckles
• Gabrielle • Ginger • Girlie • Gladys & The Peeps • Glenda • Goldiboks • Goldie • Gossie • Gracie • Grace• Grey • Gumdrop
• Handsome • Happy Feet • Hartley-Rose • Hay Hay • Heddy • Henny & Penny • Henny Penny • Henrietta • Henry • Honey & Butter • Hoot • Hope • Huey, Duey, & Louie
• Inky • Iris
• Jacqueline • Jasper • Jewel • Jo • Joan • Jolene • Juan • Judy B Jones • Junebug • Junior
• Kate • Katie Scarlet • Katy • Ken • Kiev • Kira
• Lady • Ladybug • Larry, Moe & Curly • Lash • Laverne • Layla • Lay Verne • Lemon • Leonie • Lil’ Peeper • Lime • Little Maggie • Littles • Livean • Liza • Logan • Lola • Lorettie • Louise • Lucille • Lucille Ball • Lucy • Lulu • LuluBocko Brahma • Luna & Star
• Madea • Madison • Mae • Maggie May • Maisy & Daisy • Maple • Margarita • Marge • Marigold • Marsala • Mary Ann • Mary Poopins • Matilda • May • Meg • Melissa • Memphis • Merecy • Meshach • Michelle • Midnight • Millicent • Millie Justice • Minnie • Miss Prissy • Mohawk • Mohawk Extra Toes • Molly • Moo Shu • Mother Clucker • Mrs. Hughes • Ms. Speck • Muffin • Muffs • Mumble • Meena, Myna & Moe
• Nani • Napoleon • Nebucadnezzar • Netty • Nightstorm • Nilly • Nugget • Nutmeg • Nellie Anne
• Oakley • Olive • Olivia • Omelet • Opal • Ophelia • Owlette
• Pancho & Cisco • Panda • Parmesan • Paula Dean • Peach • Peanuts • Pearl • Pebbles • Pecky • Peckster • Pee Wee • Peep • Peeper • Penelope • Penny • Penguin, The • Petite • Phoebe • Phoenix • Piccata • Picket • Pinecone • Pinky Pie • Pipsqueak • Polka & Dot • Popcorn • Posey • Potpie • Princess Leia • Puff • Pup
• Qawi
• Reba • Red Wing • Reese & Puff • Remington • Rene • Rhonda • Roberta • Robin • Rose • Rosey • Rosie • RosieLilly • Roxanne • Ruby • Ruffie • Ruggles • Ruth Layer-Hensberg
• Salt & Pepper • Samantha • Sand Piper • Sassy • Scarlet • Seven • Shadow • Shadrach • Shirlay • Silky Boy • Skitters • Skittles • Smalls • Snicker & Doodle • Snooki • Snow White • Snowy • Sophie • Spangler • Speedy 1 & 2 • Spitzy • Spice • Spike • Squirt • Star • Stella • Strider • Sugar • Summer • Sunny • Sunshine • Susie Q (Curly) • Sweet Pea • Sweetie
• Tamar • Tetrazzini • Three Amigos • Tikka • Tillie • Tinsy • Tips • Tom & Jerry • Toto • Tulip • Thomas Train Engines: Annie, Clarabell, Emily, Henrietta, and Rosie
• Vanilla • Velvet • Vera • Veronica • Vigorous • Vinny • Violet
• Wickles • Wilhelmina • Wilma & Betty • Winny • Winston
• Xana the Warrior
• Yeti • Yeti & Yoda
• Zigster • Zippy

Chicken Names

Fun Comments About Good Chicken Names: 

• My hens will be named after famous chicken dishes: Marsala, Piccata (or Peckata ), Tikka, and Potpie. If I get a rooster, he would be named Kiev. — Evie Kuran Dieck

• We had three chicks hatch a week and a half before Easter, so we call them the Three Amigos. They made for fun pictures of my granddaughter & niece for Easter also. — Jamie N Ryan Debons

Debons Chicks and Girl

The Three Amigos — Jaime N Ryan Debons


Chick Names

Novalynn, Jadelyn, and The Three Amigos — Jamie and Ryan Debons

• I have about 35 but started naming the most friendly. Right now we have Dempsey, she was injured at birth by another brood hen. Then Dottie, our blue splash Marans. This one pictured is Opal, our little Aloha hen. We also have:
Spike, Bongo, Wickles, Velvet, Daisy, Pearl, Peanuts, Violet, Skitters, Ruffie, Puff, Mohawk, Nilly, Fancy Feet, and Littles. — Sheila Bishop


Opal — Sheila Bishop

• Three of the first four I got were named after the Schuyler sisters in Hamilton … Angelica, Eliza, and Pecky (Pecky is a play on the actual name of the 3rd sister, Peggy) and the 4th was named Dawn by my daughter, the next two were named after the Patil twins in Harry Potter … Padma and Parvati, but Parvati was soon found out to be a cockerel, so his name changed to Pavarotti; the next two were named Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo, but sadly we lost Daphne to a hawk. I’m getting 4 more this Spring to complete my backyard flock and I’m hoping to stick to literary names! — Jessica Lancaster

• I’ve got 13! Amelia, Beatrice, Lucy, Ethel, Mrs. Hughes, Ms. Speck, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose. The other four I’m letting friends and family name and they haven’t decided yet. I’m about to name them after some favorite book characters if they don’t get with it! — Lori Worcester

• Out of 12 we have named a few. We have a Rhode Island Red named Lucy, after Lucile Ball of I Love Lucy, another Rhode Island Red named Ginger who is best buds with a Plymouth Barred Rock named Mary Ann, both named after the lovely characters of Gilligan’s Island. Then there is Nugget, he “or” she is an Ameracauna. — Eduardo Cabello

• Two Light Brahmas named Salt & Pepper. One Black Cochin and one White Cochin named Glenda (the white one) and Elphaba (black one). My Easter Eggers names will be Dorothy and Toto. — Tina Rogers-Higgins

• Chicken Patty, Henny Penny, Mary Poopins, Edith, Edna and Elle. — Corice Boyer

• Princess Leia. She doesn’t lay many eggs but hangs around the nest boxes a lot keeping order so her nickname is “The Janitor.” — Steve Tomashek

Chick Name Ideas

Princess Leia — Steve Tomashek

• My dinosaur obsessed five year old named our new three Blue, Charlie, and Delta. He calls them his pack of raptors. — Sarah Goodwin

• This year our new chicks are Shadow, Nightstorm, Angel, Summer, Ginger, Rosie, Bandit, Jewel, Pearl, Ruby, and Franchesca. Last year’s survivors are Anna (Elsa was killed by a neighbor’s dog), Thorn, Blackbeard, and two Barred Rocks with no/super fluid names. Our original flock are Prudence, Goldilocks, Snow White, Perry, Lulu, Henrietta, Napoleon. And roosters are Drumstick and Mr. Wattles. Can you tell I have kids? Ha Ha — Malissa Cline

• Roberta (after my husband), Henrietta, Ruby, April, Amelia, Ophelia, Clairetta, Red Wing, and Matilda who turned into Matthew once we learned he is a rooster! — Jamie Frazier-Olson

• Carl, Samantha, Juan, and Aflac! Juan is in the front. (The only one we can tell apart because of the light beak) Also, Juan might be Juanita! Started to hear quack sounds today. — Ashley Marie Rettig

Carl, Samantha, Juan, and Aflac — Ashley Marie Rettig

Carl, Samantha, Juan, and Aflac — Ashley Marie Rettig

• I have three roosters named Bob, Not Bob, and Robert. Only two of the girls have names, Red (my Rhode Island Red) and Black Betty (Barred Rock) all the others are just Hey “Ladies.” — Heather Herendeen

• We have Benny & Joon, Wilma and Betty, Stella, Lola, Miss Prissy, Pj’s, Coffee, Teeth (the last 3 were named by our 5 year old), Yeller and Whitey (both named by our 3 year old). — Desi Becht

• Only named one of the 8 so far. Turns out she is blind. I named her Tillie. — Kelley Jane Kloub

Naming Chicks

Tillie — Kelley Jane Kloub

• Phoebe, Molly, Dixie, Penelope, Grace, Charlotte, Amelia, Coco, Olivia, Kate, Sophie. — Kathy Hansen Mulready

• My four kids ages 11, 9, 7, and 4 named ours: Vigorous, Peckster, Pep, Pipsqueak, Vinny, Cross Road,  Picket,  Freckles,  Cockadoodledoo,  Tips,  Beakster,  Robin,  Beaky,  Scarlet,  Ruby,  Cowie,  Cheeky, Pebbles, Drumstick, Clover, Mae, Penny, Tinsy, Zippy, Smalls, Merecy, Zigster, And our ducks: Duckie, Momo, Daisy Duck. — Amber Marie Wert

• Ken and Seven (# of toes!) Pictures here. Not seen are Gumdrop, Posey, Muffs, and Belle. — Meg McCreary Youngblood

Chick Names

Ken and Seven —Meg McCreary Youngblood

• Our ducks are Duck Duck and Ginger. Our chicks are Pup, Pinky Pie, Sweetie, Brownie, Sugar, and Spice. Named by my five and six year olds. — Kelly Hughes

• Buff Orpingtons are Bread and Butter. Light Brahmas are Vera and Francine. With my other hens the flock is known as Gladys and the Peeps. — Lucille Gardner

• Fluff, Emily (my 4 year old’s idea), Dorothy, Blanche, Popcorn and Moo Shu. — Emily Powell

• Cookie and Cream, Henny and Penny, Minnie, Daisy, and Clarebelle. — Sharon Krouse Miller

• Snicker and Doodle, Salt and Pepper, Dusty and Bunny, Luna and Star, Honey and Butter, Cinnamon and Sugar, and Sunny … we got a little carried away. — Sherri Grant

• Our Buff Orpington is Sunshine; Blue Ameracauna is Bluebelle; others are Sweetpea & Ladybug. — Gaylene Taylor Davidson

• Napoleon is my rooster, than Xena the warrior, she steals worms from the others, Katy, Gabrielle, Omelet, Annie, Oakley, Laverne and Petite. — Diane Zapka Christensen

• Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger. — Irma Hladek

Chick Names

Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger.

• Judy B Jones and Cupcake, named by my daughter. — Britni Davidson

• We have: Joan, Iris, Ester, Lucille, Ruby, Roxanne, Avaleach, Melissa, and Rosey. — Brenna Nicole

Chick Names

Joan, Iris, Ester, Lucille, Ruby, Roxanne, Avaleach, Melissa, and Rosey. — Brenna Nicole

• My current girls are Ethyl, Veronica, and Buffy. Previously: Biscuit (Leghorn), Cholula, Fiesta, Margarita, (Aracaunas), and Penny (Rhode Island Red)

• My kids named the buff Elvis and the leghorns are Huey, Duey, and Louie.

• My Red Star is Ruby. I have two Buff Orpingtons named Birdie and Betsy. My Four white Plywood Rocks are Ashley, Abby, Madison and Ruth Layer-Hensberg. — Rebecca Joy

• We got two adding to the group. Our first rooster we named Henry and Etta-leghorns (like Henrietta). — Dana Alexander-Brown

• We have speedy 1&2, we also have happy feet (chick was born with a deformed leg) and several others we have not named yet. — Jennifer Thompson

• We just got a Katie Scarlet, BlueBelle, Millie Justice, Effie Mae, and a Liberty Belle. — Shannon Briles Kana

• Dunkin (The Yorkie), Nugget (Top), Gossie (Left) and Bean (Right)! — Nicole Contos

Chick Names

Dunkin, Nugget, Gossie (Left) and Bean — Nicole Contos

• I have Panda, Cheek Cheek (my two year old named her), Nani, Goldiboks, Reese and Puff, and Dory. — Jessica Ogle

• I have four chicks named Jo, Meg, Rhonda, and Clarisse. Our granddaughter loves them! — Julie Sorenson

Jo, Meg, Rhonda, and Clarisse — Julie Sorenson

Jo, Meg, Rhonda, and Clarisse — Julie Sorenson

• Michelle, Junior and Belmont — Suzanne Morrell Crutcher

Chick Names

Michelle, Junior and Belmont — Suzanne Morrell Crutcher

• Miss Prissy, Peepers, Lucy, Sunshine, and Scarlet. We love them. — Glenda Szoka

• I quit naming after the first year. When I have nearly 100 birds… there is no keeping that straight. — Smantha Martin

• Cracker, Muffin, Cookies and Cream, Memphis, Phoenix, Ruffles, Hartley-Rose, Snowy, Black Beauty, GC, and BB. — Alyson Jayne

• Dottie Kay, Nellie Anne, and Ava Chanel (Ava cuz I love my truck – avalanche and both are black). — Robyn Smith-Demeuse

• Named my girls after my great, great aunts… Henrietta (Rhetta), Sophia (Hia), Matilda (Tilda) and Wilhelmina (Mina). — Heidi G. Malin

• Franny, Netty, Junebug, Bella, Winny, Snooki, Chippy and Jacqueline. The whole family got in on the naming process. — Bonnie Rolfes Duffy

Chick Names

Franny, Netty, Junebug, Bella, Winny, Snooki, Chippy and Jacqueline. — Bonnie Rolfes Duffy

• Amiga, Crazy Dot, lil’Peeper, Squirt, and the Barney’s. Who knows if they will stick. — Jody Eubanks

• My son named ours the bantam is flash the RIR is Supergirl and our Plymouth is Batgirl. — Kimberly Flenory

Chick Names

Batgirl and Supergirl — Kimberly Flenory

• Adele…. because she never stopped chirpin. — Aimee McGlinchey

• Amelia, my Cuckoo Maran. — Kathy Hansen Mulready

Chick Names

Amelia — Kathy Hansen-Mulready

• Anna and Elsa…guess who has a  granddaughter! — Rivkah B’racha

Chick Names

Anna and Elsa — Rivkah B’racha

• We have 10 girls, most have boy names though. Our girls are Nebucadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Strider, Hay Hay, Benipe, Hope, Charlotte, and Marge. — Tricia Sengul

• My boys named our Silkie/Sultan X’s (from back to front) Yeti, Cotton, and Lash. Lash had buff colored fluff over eyes at birth. — Jennifer Fox-Malechikos

Chick Names

Silkie/Sultan X’s (from back to front), Yeti, Cotton, and Lash — Jennifer Fox-Malechikos

• Lacey the Golden Lace Wyndotte; Goldie the Buff Orpington; Pearl the Silver Grey Dorking; Easter the Cream Legbar; Chickaletta the Silver Laced Cochrin. — Sarah Haly

• I named each batch of new arrivals out of new friends I had made! But roosters were always Handsome. — Cecile Jordan

• Buttercup and Fluffy Butt, named by a 3 year old. — Linda Terrell Nunes

• Copper, Edith, Bernice, Aurora (after Shirley McLaine’s character in Terms of Endearment), Ella, Pepper, Henry, Olive, and Antonina — Anna Atwell

• My girls are Minnie, Daisy, Clarabelle, Owlette, Dorothy, Rose & Blanche. — Miranda Craig

• Crooked Toes, Chipmunk Extra Toes, Mohawk Extra Toes, The Penguin, and The Former Penguin — Jes Marie Stark

• Rosie and Ginger, RIRs; Summer and Autumn, Wellsummers; Stormy and Puff (Cochins) — Lauren Linares

Chick Names

Rosie, Ginger, Summer, Autumn, Stormy, and Puff — Lauren Linares

• Mary Poopins — Spruce Ledge Farms

• Caruso (may or may not be a pullet), Rene, Leonie and Kira. Have one more opera singer to go! — Judy Biller

• Sam and Ella. (Y’know, “samanella”) — Christie Fletcher Munsell

• Jasper and Cammi — Jim Desjardins

Chick Names

• Sweet Pea — Dana Adkins

Chick Names

Sweet Pea — Dana Adkins

• Belle — Miranda Holland

Chick Names

Belle — Miranda Holland

• We named her Hoot. — Cheryl Foster

• Louise — Jodi Vaske

Chick Names

• Susie Q (Curly) — Eliza Hoffman

Chick Names

Susie Q (Curly) — Eliza Hoffman

• Penelope, Daliah, Marigold and Beatrice — Lindsay Mc

• Chickel O’Neill, Bocko Brahma, Omelet — Sarah Spiegel

• Fleeker, Boomer, Flo, Chips and Cheese — Ang Joh

• Caden’s duckling is named Frank! — Sue McNaughton

• Hens: [Australorp] Madea; [Buff Orph] Girlie; [3 Red Sex Links] Lucille Ball; [Random brown dotted hen] Pinecone; [White something] Snow White; [Bantam Chick ] Cher; [female mallard duck] Duckiegirl; [indian runner duckling pair] Pancho & Cisco. — Carie Jarrell

• Albert

Chick Names

Albert — Nichole Langmeyer

• Our last lot were named Burger, Tikka & Nugget. — Melinda Maclay-Ross

• Inky, Heddy, Cotton & Blue. — Robyn Grace Jennings

• Polka and Dot, Maisy and Daisy, Pearl, Buck, Lorettie, Dolly — Billie Jo Maedke

• My Easter Egger is named Bunny. — Linda Marie

• Mother Clucker, Ruby, Mumble, and Flutters. — Amanda Bland

• My kids named ours Featherfluff, Featherball, and Featherywhite. — Sarah Ritchie

• Olive, Ginger, Sunny, Lulu, Cookie, Gracie, Pearl — Ana Crowley

• Fluffy — Karen Atteberry

• Layla, Jolene, Cecelia, Maggie May, Billie Jean and Roxanne — Jen Next

• Tom, Jerry, Egger, Midnight, Yedi and Yoda — DeeDee Bricker

• My four chicks are, Ena, Meena, Myna and Moe. — Loretta Aranha

• Cecila, Floyd Frizzles — Deborah Young

• Esther, Tamar, and May — Kimberly Gunlock Walter

• Stella, Crow, LuLu, and Clover — Mandy Hopper

• Farrah, Sassy, Spike, and Pee Wee. — Kathy Barnett

• Larry, Moe, and Curly — Donna Grayson

Chick Names

Larry, Moe, and Curly — Donna Grayson

• Maple — Jennifer Orme

Chick Names

Maple — Jennifer Orme

• The Chicken Nuggets: Amelia Egghart, Eggy Sue, and Henrietta. — Emily Samms

Chick Name Ideas

Amelia Egghart, Eggy Sue, and Henrietta — Emily Samms

• Chica Poo Poo’s: Dolly, Reba, Lucy, Bella, Violet, Winston, Remington, Caribou, Ruby — Teri Foster

Chick Name Ideas

Dolly, Reba, Lucy, Bella,Violet, Winston , Remington, Caribou, and Ruby. — Teri Foster

• First play date outside. Penelope. — Erin Carlson

Chick Name Ideas

Penelope — Erin Carlson

• Iris — Angelina Turnbull

Chick Name Ideas

Iris — Angelina Turnbull

• Our boys love Thomas the train so our girls are all Thomas the Train engines: Annie, Clarabell, Emily, Henrietta, and Rosie. — Deanna Poehlman

Chick Name Ideas

Annie, Clarabell, Emily, Henrietta, and Rosie — Deanna Poehlman

• My 3 girls named Buttercup, Tulip, & Violet.

Chick Name Ideas

Buttercup, Tulip, & Violet

• Pekin babies named Little Maggie, and Panda. — Jane Germain

Chick Name Ideas

Little Maggie and Panda — Jane Germain

• Easter Eggers for Easter named Sunshine and Lady. Sunshine is the lighter yellow and Lady is the one with her eye liner on, her roots done and her Beak is always yapping! — Stephanie Klein

Chick Name Ideas

Sunshine and Lady — Stephanie Klein

• The Newcomers: Eugene a Silkie, Logan a Silkie, Livean a Belgian Mille Fleur, Fleur a B. Mille Fleur, Millicent a B. Mille Fleur, and Spangler a Silver Sebright. — Esther Grummet

• Arg Matey! Bethoven, “Lil Miss B.” — Jamie Schreck

• Owl or chick??!! Meet Hoot. We thought she looked so much like an owl we named her Hoot. — Rachel Lindsey

Chick Name Ideas

Hoot — Rachel Lindsey

• Skittles — Brittany Sullivan

Chick Name Ideas

Skittles — Brittany Sullivan

Do you have good chicken names? Share them in the comments below!

  • I named my girls after my mom and five of her friends – Mary, Jackie, Ruth, Alma, Merle & Sadie.

  • We name our notable, distinguishable birds after popular tv shows, currently we have a Jesse, had a Heisenburg, and our two Royal palm turkeys are named Walter White and Skyler. Can you guess the show?

  • I have two chickens. One is a Salmon Favorelle, who I got as a charity case because the roosters at her previous home pursued her mercilessly. Her name is Marilyn, because she is so blonde, and so tragic. My other hen is so energetic about scratching everything up that her name is Shiva the Destroyer.

  • All of ours are named after old country music singers. Cash (all black bantam Cochin), June, Dolly, Patsy, Loretta, Dixie, Reba and Waylon. Then we added 5 pullets and broadened the theme to famous country music songs or artists ☺️. So we have Fancy, Emmylou, Elvira, Jolene, and Miranda. I’m getting 6 chicks this weekend so now I have to really use my brain!

  • My sweet hens are Biscuit (Bizzy), Rotisserie (Rosie) and, Waffle (FeFe).

  • I have a blue Cochin named Florrie Fluffy Butt and a Wyandot named Tammy Sue.

  • I named mine Amelia hazel Fiona Camilla Xavier dolly jolean aura

  • When my daughter and granddaughter were 13 and 11, they proudly named our new rooster Dr. Pecker. It was my favorite name ever!

  • I have 8 little girls (hopefully they are all girls). Ginger, a RIR, Mrs. Cluck and Clockey (barred rocks), Esther (black sex link), Savannah (New Hampshire Red), Anastasia (gold laced wyandotte), Sage and Olive (Americaunas). I got to name Ginger, Sage, Anastasia and Olive. My grandchildren named the rest. And we hope that Ginger is not really George!!! She seems a little too well developed at 3 months!

  • The original six were: Condi (after Condaleza Rice), Miss Fluffles, Brownie, Peace, Bee, & Sunshine. Two new Buff Orpingtons are Butterscotch and Mindy.

  • We had eight female chicks. I named them in pairs by species. Opal and Onyx for the white and black silkies. Iris and Lily for the Easter eggers. Jazz and Apple for the buff brahmas. Ladybug and Bumblebee for the barred rocks.

  • We only name roosters and lead hens for the boys we have Roozilla and The Beast; for the girls Head Girl and Blanche; the others live anonymously unless they do something worthy of being named.

  • My two newest hens are named Thelma & Louise, because they were on the run, hiding out from us for the first week after we got them. They’re a real pair of troublemakers!

  • My hens are: Scramble, Nugget, Crazy, Toast, Pickle and Snowflake. My rooster is Toro (spanish for bull)
    Just got 4 new girls, a goose and a peacock all without names at the moment.

  • Bet you can guess where we got our names!! Doby, Hedwig, Jenny, Lilly, Cissa, Myrtle, Bella, Luna, Tonks(our roo), Katie, and of course Hermoine:)

  • My first flock of 5 were Biddy Boop, Biddy Ford, Biddy White, Biddy Crocker, and Queen Elizabiddy. I could never tell them apart though so that didn’t last long.

  • Interesting! Our Americaunas are Betsy Ross and Martha Washington; Salmon Favarolles are Lizette and Suzette; Silver Laced Wyandotte and the Australorp is Sheila. The ducks are Sir Arthur, Sir Galahad and Lady Agnes. 

  • We have Bedrock Farms so of course grandkids did Fred and barney, Betty and Wilma, and a white sultan named Pebbles. The best is Stella the rooster. Also have Snow and White.

  • I have Icelandic Chickens, and I’ve been having tons of fun coming up with names for them. Somehow, the cockerels got named first – mostly due to their vibrant coloring.
    There’s Rusty (Ryðgaður), Pumpkin (Grasker), Squash (Leiðsögn), and Seagull (spelled the same in Icelandic, but pronounced “say-a-gool,” according to Google Translate – I usually call them all in English). Then there’s Morgunn and Daginn (morning and daytime), and the 6 week-old chick that I call Granít Borðstofa because he’s the same coloring as my sister’s granite countertop!
    So far, I have settled on names for only two of the girls – there’s Skuggi (short for tunglskuggi, which means moon shadow) and little Kastanía (chestnut).

  • Cheryl H.

    Here are names I use, lol. Dumplin, Benedict, scrambles, fryer tuck, me. Roast, fetti, easy … Get the idea, lol

  • We have lots of silly chicken names, but none of them are interesting except for one – Mrs. Bawkbagawk. This is taken from an old show called, “The Brak Show”, just a funny name.

  • My hens are named after the Bond girls: Domino, Solitaire, Jinx, Honey, Melina

  • Michele M.

    I name my girls after the US First Ladies. Sadly, I’ve already lost Martha, Abigail and Marilyn (not really a 1st Lady – more of a 1st Mistress). Marilyn was a totally blonde EE so I could not resist.

  • We have a couple of Americanas named Betsy Ross and Martha Washington. Our Salmon Favarolles are Lizette and Suzette. The queen of the chicken yard is an Australorp is called Sheila because they originated in Australia. Of course the Silver Lace Wyandotte is aptly named Lacie. 😉 Just FYI.

  • Named a Buttercup Poppyseed, a Light Brahma Snow White, wildly created Polish rooster Einstein, lt. Brahma rooster Big Daddy, 2 Polish hens Lucy and .Phyllis Diller, but then Phyllis had to change to Phil Diller when his true gender was revealed. My DIL names 2 Sussex hens both Dot and and a buff Brahma hen Michelle OBrama

  • We have Pearl, Blanche, Penguin, Pearl, Ruby, Opal, Tilly, Buffy, Blossom, and Alice.

  • My three silkie Roosters – Paddlepop, Winklepop and Lollipop. My grey hen Lady Jane, my white girl Princess Tinkerbell. Hubbys roosters Brewster and Guy. Also Madame Pompadour for one of the silkies

  • Debbie C.

    Each family member got a hen for our daughter’s birthday… we have Reds, Chickie-Poof, Clara & Lexi. They are sweet and get along so well, and they come when they are called like little puppies, especially when they hear my husband’s voice! Lol… they will follow us around the yard and like to peck at my sparkly sandals. They bring lots of laughter and enjoyment to our family.

  • I have a Leghorn rooster named Shamus. I had to go to the feed store for the chickens I already had. I wasn’t suppose to get more, but couldn’t resist him even knowing he was a young rooster. The name Shamus Is just shortened (Shame on us) Been his name since. Also have Bonnie, Lacey, Carla, Beatrice, Blue, Jessie and Jeremiah. Sometimes the names come quick and sometimes not. Sam was a red, white and blue Americauna Rooster Started as Uncle Sam shortened to Sam.

  • I currently have 12 chickens, three roosters that we know of, although we suspect we have one more (its a lot and a bit risky, I know :/) but the Hen’s names are Dixie Chick, Yoko Ono, Buffy, Mother Clucker (hehe), Cagney, Beauty, and Heidi Klum. Three roosters are Chuck Norris, Beast (hes a really ugly brown silkie) and Brad (what is funnier than saying you have a chicken named Brad). The one that we aren’t sure about is Sassafras.

  • I live in the Netherlands and we now have a small flock after Henrietta (a Barneveld) adopted us and didn’t want to leave. We then acquired Hattie (a Noord Holland Blau) to keep her company. Then two more Wyandotte chickens – named after the Native American tribe – called Hania (Spirit Warrior) and Halona (of good fortune)! We will stop at four I think but enjoying our new little team of chickens very much!

  • I had to chocolate orghington chicks. They were really ugly teenagers. Lol. I named the hen ugh & the rooster Lee. Together… Ugly !!! Although they are both beautiful now.

  • We have Leia, Genevieve,ji,bubbles, Laguna Bree,onyx, Penny, Brenda Chipotle,cashew, marshmallow,canoli

  • Love hearing everyone’s chicken names. Our girls are Star, Twinkie, Muffin, Junebug, Cricket, Speck, and Bigfoot (my husband named her)…LOL!!!

  • How can you top this: my Barred Rock babies were named: Adeline, Bernadine, Cecilia, Diandra, Evangeline and Francine. People are so impressed that I can tell them apart. SHHHH (I can’t because they all look exactly alike!). Now granted they are only a year old now, and over time, perhaps I will know who is who!

  • Marilyn C.

    Lil Red (Rhode Island Red), Lady Madonna (the Americauna), Esmeralda and Matilda both Orpingtons. Need 8 more names for next year which I will probably use the above list.

  • Catherene C.

    Of my 50+ chickens (includes 8 roosters) only a handful have names. My crossbeak Showgirl is Little One (she was severely malnourished when gotten), gray cochin bantam – Gray Girl. Plus another unnamed Showgirl, they’re all going on 4 years old and are what’s left of my original chickens. I have Baby Girl (11/1/17) and Baby Boy (11/4/17) that I hatched out. Jokester is my black Australorp rooster (1 of 2), he laughs at you especially if you drop something, also the only rooster to have pecked me aggressively. There’s Alli that my grandson named and Boss Lady an Amberlink that rules the spring 2017 batch. Her left wattle is 2X longer than the right side. I can’t forget my Japanese Bantam Chi-Chi. I have 3 khaki Campbell’s ducks but no names. Often I’ll just hollar “come on boys, come on girls”.

  • I have 11 hens at home.
    My 6 Rhode island reds are; Agnes, Bentley, Tyler,Nugget, Hexi, and Rose
    My 5 Leghorns are: Flower,Sugar,Start, Vanilla, and Puddin’
    We use to have a Americauna named Fergi,but we couldn’t take care of him


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