Ameraucana Chicken: August Breed of the Month

Ameraucana Chickens Lay Beautiful Blue Eggs


Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicken

Breed: Ameraucana chicken

Origin: The Ameraucana chicken is a blue egg-laying breed with tails and muffs. It was developed in the United States in the late 1970s by a small group of breeders. They had referred to them as Araucanas until the APA officially gave that name to the rumpless and tufted blue egg-laying fowl. The same 8 varieties are recognized in both bantam and large fowl. These varieties were all created by Mike Gilbert, WI; Jerry Segler, IL; Wayne Meredith, WI and John Blehm, MI. Ameraucana chickens were not bred up from Araucanas and Araucanas weren’t bred up from Ameraucanas chickens. Both were created from Easter Egger chickens (mongrel or mixed breed chickens that processed the blue egg gene). Lavender Ameraucanas are a very popular newer variety that is not yet recognized by the APA or ABA. Source: Ameraucana Alliance 

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Varieties: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten and White

Temperament: Very docile

Egg Color: Blue


Egg Size: Large

Laying Habits: 150 eggs per year

Skin ColorWhite skin, slate to black shanks/legs

Large Fowl Size: Cock, 6.5 pounds; Hen, 5.5 pounds; Cockerel, 5.5 pounds; Pullet, 4.5 pounds
Bantam Size: Cock, 30 ounces; Hen, 26 ounces; Cockerel, 26 ounces, Pullet, 24 ounces


Bantam Silver Ameraucana Chicks


Bantam Buff Ameraucana Chicks

Standard Description: Ameraucana bantams are in the APA “All Other Combs Clean Legged” (AOCCL) class of chickens. Ameraucana large fowl are in the APA “All Other Standard Breeds” (AOSB) class of chickens. Both were admitted to the Standard in 1984. Ameraucanas have pea combs and slate to black shanks. They are a general purpose fowl for egg production, meat and exhibition. True Ameraucanas are fairly rare and often confused with Araucanas and Easter Eggers. Many commercial hatcheries and feed stores label mongrel Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas. Source: Ameraucana Alliance 


Comb: Pea, relatively small, higher in center front and rear; Female: Pea, small.

Popular Use: Eggs, meat and exhibition

It really isn’t a Ameraucana chicken if it has: The presence of ear tuffs, or an absence of beard and muffs.

ameraucana chicken

Ameraucana Chicken Owner Quotes: “For many decades some commercial hatcheries promoted Araucana eggs as being lower in cholesterol and higher in nutritional value than other chicken eggs. Even though those claims were proven false over 27 years ago many people still believe them to be true. Remember that Araucana, back in the day, meant any chicken with the blue egg gene. Heck, those same commercial hatcheries even claimed that Araucana meat had a taste similar to quail! Imagine that — chicken that doesn’t taste like chicken.” — John Blehm, Secretary of the Ameraucana Alliance, as published in Backyard Poultry, June/July 2007.

IMG_0951 IMG_0949 buffm



buff 2015


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  • I have (2) of these 1 silver & black in color 1 black with puffed neck black one started to lay now, her eggs are very white . WHY is this ???

  • I really enjoyed the article on Ameraucanas, as well as the links on various topics. Great article! Thanks

  • Excellent article and such a great help to new chicken farmers like me. I love my magazine “Backyard Poultry” as I re-read over and over as I usually miss something. Much thanks!


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