How to Get Rid of a Skunk Smell on a Dog

Was Your Dog Sprayed By a Skunk? Try These Quick and Easy Solutions!

how to get rid of skunk smell on dogs

How to get rid of a skunk smell on a dog is something many of us have unfortunately wondered. Whether it’s your livestock guardian dog or your family pet, we want to encourage their curiosity, but when our friendly canines stick their nose somewhere they shouldn’t, sometimes they come back smelling like a skunk. And if your dog is like our dog, other than some eye irritant, it’s like they don’t even care.

We care, of course. If the dog touches us, then we smell like skunk, not to mention the kids, other animals and, well, you get the idea. The skunk smell has to go. Here are a few ways that we’ve discovered through the years to get rid of that stink. Oh yeah, and we suggest wearing rubber gloves, no matter what method you choose.

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Here are some examples of how to get rid of a skunk smell on a dog:

Idea 1: Tomato juice: This tried-and-true way still works. After you clean your dog the best you can, then douse him or her with tomato juice. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then scrub with a dog shampoo. It takes some elbow grease, but it will do the trick.

Idea 2: The grocery store: You can get all of these ingredients at your grocery store, or even closer, you probably already have them. Take a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and add ¼ cup baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid soap or dog shampoo. Work the solution into your dog’s coat, and then rinse. Do it again if you have to.

Step 3: Chemicals: Your vet likely has a few concoctions they can sell you, that are commercialized versions of what we have listed above. Ask for directions and apply carefully. And finally, good luck.

Do you have other tips on how to get rid of skunk smell on dogs?

Originally published in Countryside & Small Stock Journal regularly vetted for accuracy.

  • I have tried the tomatoe juice, the expensive solutionms from pet stores, but the best thing I have found is Crest toothpaste! We had an 80 lb black lab that constantly got sprayed & Crest was the only thing that worked. Usually in one bath! it lathers like shampoo & they smell minty fresh. I always keep a family size tube of Crest regular toothpaste on hand

  • The last time my dog got sprayed I wiped him down with puppy wipes and then gave him a shampoo using Don’t Worry…Don’t Rinse Me foam shampoo. Worked great, and din’t have to drag him into the bathtub at 3 in the morning.

  • I use`: a paste made with peroxide, baking soda and liquid dishsoap,, wash the dog rubbing it good

  • I swear by the peroxide/baking soda formula. It works great and is easily washed out.

  • I shampoo with dial soap then rinse with dilutad 3 parts water 1 part Apple cider vinegar solution. It takes a 2 or 3 applications but worked for me.


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