January/February 2015: Table of Contents

January/February 2015




• Country Conversation

Alternative Energy
• Off-Grid Refrigeration

The Woodshed
• One Weird Trick For Chopping Wood

DIY Solutions
• DIY Solutions For OFf-Grid Cooking
• DIY Vehicle Emergency Tips

Homestead Water
• Water System For A Low-Flow Well
• Installing A Backup Hand Pump
• Surviving A Water Shortage
• Jerri’s Soapbox — The Feds Want Your Water
• Make A Simple Drying Rack

The Shade Tree Mechanic
• Old Machines — Lubrication
• Wash With Nuts — Soap Nuts!
• Apple Orchard Leads To Organic Business

Homestead Business
• Farming Holistically On A Small Scale

The Garden
• Gardening: A Vital Step To The Freedom Of Self-Sufficiency
• Quality Seeds Are Everything
• Get An Early Start With Carrots
• Anyone For Okra?
• Dressing Up The Winter Garden

A Journey With The Bees
• Deep Winter And Preparing For Spring
• Dadant & Sons, Inc. — History
• Master Apiarist Shows Pioneer Spirit

The Henhouse
• Saddle Up Your Chickens

The Horse Barn
• ’Tis The Season For Wintertime Horse Hoof Care
• Patching Up Pacheboy —  Horses Cancer In Remission With Low pH Diet

The Goat Barn
• Pneumonia In Goats

Homestead Pests
• Flea Control

The Homestead Kitchen
• Waste Not; Want Not — The Power Of Potatoes
• Gift Packages Include Dried Soups
• Upscale Soup On A Homestead Budget
• Grind Your Own Grain
• Baking Blue Hubbards

Book Review
• Four Guides To Better Knitting

Country Neighbors
• Okmulgee, OK Is A-OK

After Chores
• Down On The Farm

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