Homesteading is a wonderful lifestyle choice. Pursing the path of self-reliance means growing your own food, opting for natural solutions and leaving the lightest footprint possible on our planet.

At Countryside Network, we hope to inspire you to incorporate aspects of simple living into your daily life. Bookmark this section for helpful tips on soapmaking, fiber crafts, beekeeping, canning & food preservation, and home remedies.

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Soapmaking: Learning how to make soap at home is fun and easy. Plus, DIY soap making gives you control over the ingredients you introduce to your skin daily. There are many ways to make soap, but it boils down to two main questions, 1) Which soap making technique suits your needs, 2) What ingredients — natural and synthetic — do you wish to incorporate or leave out?

Fiber Crafts: Whether crafting for pleasure or passion, seeing your handmade creations come to fruition can give you a sense of accomplishment. The process of fiber crafting in itself is therapeutic. Many fiber artists say that practicing their craft improves their mood, health and well-being. Contributor Cathy Myers Bullard says there is at least 12 benefits of learning how to crochet.

Canning & Food Preservation: Every culture since the dawn of time has employed canning & food preservation methods. Today, it’s never been easier to preserve your own food through modern methods. Even if you don’t grow your own food, you can still save money, reduce waste and store emergency essentials in your pantry with the right strategies.

Home Remedies: With an increasing desire to put only natural and chemical-free compounds in our bodies, home remedies are gaining in popularity. Add a few ingredients to the basics in your kitchen cupboard and you are well on your way to creating natural remedies at home.

BeekeepingStarting beekeeping is a rewarding pursuit, whether you are venturing into it as a hobby or as business. Beekeeping is important to the future of our own food supply and the health of our planet. Honeybees are the fundamental keystone pollinator species. If they ceased to exist today, about 1/3 of the food we eat would disappear.

Choosing to pursue these areas means committing to the handmade and homegrown lifestyle. Enjoy every minute of it.

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