The Chicken Chef – Mealworm Whoop De Doo!

Treats For Chickens – Mealworm Whoop De Doo! – Premium Quality All 100% USA Mealworms with Hulled Millet, Almonds and Cranberries – Proceeds Go To Black Thistle Farm Chicken Rescue

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  • USA MEALWORMS – All mealworms are 100% farmed in the USA. We use all USA grown ingredients for the best and healthiest treats for chickens.
  • USA GROWN NUTS, SEED, AND BERRIES – Chickens go crazy over our 100% USA Farmed Nuts, Seed, and Berries. You never have to worry about the quality of our ingredients, where they came from and how they have been grown and handled. All 100% USA.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Ingredients are handpicked by our treats for chicken experts. Nothing gets passed the selective eyes of quality control. Only Premium Quality USA Ingredients go into our treats for chickens.
The Chicken Chef Whoop De Doo Mealworm Treats

Premium Quality Mealworms 100% USA



  • A LIFETIME OF EXPERIENCE – Love and attention for chickens goes back generations on Black Thistle Farm Chicken Rescue. We know what chickens love in their treats.
  • CHICKEN RESCUE – You are getting the best treats for chickens and giving them a helping hand. All proceeds go to Black Thistle Farm Chicken Rescue.

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  • Chickens can see in the ultra-violet spectrum. Refrain from using fluorescent lights as the chickens will see the light “dance”.
  • Chickens have 2 fovea which why they raise and lower their heads to focus
  • Chickens set their heads at angles to take-in objects they are focusing on, hence the “one-eyed” inspection
  • They can focus each eye separately; one on the seeds on the ground and the other in the air searching for hawks
  • With this ability they have a 300 field of vision – but taking in the arching of that long neck and they can easily get a 360

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The Chicken Chef – Mealworm Whoop De Doo!
The Chicken Chef – Mealworm Whoop De Doo!
The Chicken Chef – Mealworm Whoop De Doo!