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Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher

Sweet PDZ works great
in all coops and brooders

Sweet PDZ has been keeping horse stalls ammonia free and healthy for nearly 33 years; however, ammonia is ammonia regardless of the species producing it. Therefore it will do the same great job in your chicken coops and houses.

Safeguards flock health by neutralizing and eliminating harmful levels of ammonia and odors

Safe and effective moisture absorption

All-natural, non toxic, premium grade zeolite mineral

Contains no masking scents or chemical perfumes

Safe and beneficial to dispose with waste on compost and gardens


I built a poop board waist high, added a lip, and filled it with Sweet PDZ.
Man what a difference! I would highly recommend everyone to do this.
Has made coop cleaning a breeze and no ammonia smell.
Sweet PDZ is the best thing to happen to my coop after the rebuild…..
Extremely happy customer (Backyard Chickens)


For everyone not using a poop board with sweet PDZ, you  should really try it. You will be amazed about the amount of waste you save and the coop will smell nice and fresh. I also use the granular form with a little play sand mixed in, works great……
Satisfied Customer (Backyard Chickens)


Wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!   I have a thick layer of sand in the bottom of my coop and in the indoor, covered run and mix some of the sweet PDZ into the  sand. The sand is easy to scoop out and the sweet pdz eliminates odors  in-between scoopings. I also use sweet pdz on the running boards on the upper floor of my coop. Makes clean-up a breeze without odors…! 🙂
– San Francisco, CA (Backyard Chickens)

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