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Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina Animal Nutrition provides optimum nutrition for happy, healthy birds and nutritious eggs. Founded in 1894, Purina Animal Nutrition is owned by an American farmer-owned cooperative and feeds more than 1.5 million chickens every day. For more than 100 years Purina Animal Nutrition has been helping people raise poultry.

Whether you are raising chickens on organic chicken feed or traditional feeds, Purina understands what you need for your backyard flock. In fact, we raise our own chickens, just as you do, to help us understand the unique needs of backyard poultry. From Purina, you don’t just get top quality feed, you get the full benefit of fresh perspectives and insights that help you raise healthy birds and nutritious poultry products.

We package our insights and expertise within each bag of Purina® Premium Poultry Feed, so your backyard flock can be strong, healthy and productive.

We understand it is more than just feeding your birds; you are feeding your family. That’s why it means more when you feed Purina®.

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Purina Animal Nutrition