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Power Plucker

Power Plucker

About Power Plucker

Power Plucker is owned by the Smith family. The Power Plucker was created when the product creator Eli Bruton was looking for a poultry processing solution for himself. Eli discovered a need for an affordable alternative to the whizbang type tub-style pluckers. He believed there should be a solution for homesteaders that worked with a tool they already owned, like a power drill. After several years of testing and development, he was encouraged by family to offer the product for sale, and the rest is history.

In early 2015 Eli began other business endeavors and his longtime friend and Power Plucker employee Bill Smith purchased the business. All the manufacturing, marketing, handling and shipping is still done right here in Carthage, Missouri. When you contact Power Plucker you’re guaranteed to be talking directly to the owner Bill, who is committed to helping you with any questions you may have.

Drill Powered Poultry Plucker – Pluck a chicken in 90 seconds!

This drill-powered chicken plucker makes removing feathers from chickens, ducks, or any other type of poultry quick and easy. The spinning motion of the rubber fingers remove feathers without damaging the skin or meat. An average chicken can be plucked in under 90 seconds. Works with any 3/8 inch drive or larger drill or drill press. The Power Plucker is constructed with a 10 inch steel shaft and 6, specially designed durable rubber fingers. Comes with instruction.

Power Plucker
Power Plucker