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Nite Guard LLC

Nite Guard LLC

A family-owned & operated predator control company that offers the Nite Guard Solar light and Nite Guard Repellent Tape. Use our humane & safe products to protect your pets, livestock/poultry, garden and property day and night. Thousands of users all over the world who faced a fight with coyote, raccoon, owl, deer and more have found peace of mind with our products.

For use against deer, place (4) Nite Guard Solar lights all together on the same post, and put about 4’ off the ground. You can start with placing this stake of lights in the center of the area to protect but then change the positioning every week or two, as deer can pattern the lights and get used to them. 

For use against small ground predators like raccoon & fox, place lights around the perimeter of what you want to protect, every 25’. Put the lights at 10-15” off the ground. It is important to place lights around all four sides if the predators can enter from all directions.

For use against large ground predators like coyote & bobcat, please lights around the perimeter of what you want to protect, every 100-200’. Put the lights at 20-30” off the ground. Or you could use the cluster mounted described above for deer if the area to protect is wide open & flat.

For use against flight predators like owl & hawk, place (4) Nite Guard Solar lights all together on the same post, and put about 10-14’ off the ground. You want the lights to be in the center of the area you are trying to protect.

These solar powered units work even on an overcast day, or a string of overcast days, the solar panel can recharge the battery for an entire night of use. And even if your target area happens to be in the shade, the Nite Guard Solar’s high-quality solar panel ensures that the battery will get recharged. Three to four hours of daylight—from either a shady spot, an overcast sky, or direct sunlight—is all the unit needs.

Because Nite Guard Solar is completely weatherproof, you don’t have to plan for constant maintenance. In fact, our predator deterrent lights are maintenance-free. Leave them out under the hot summer sun, the pelting rain, a hail storm, or a blizzard; they will remain as reliable as when you first installed them.

Nite Guard Solar is a predator control light. It’s not an inhumane animal trap, a noxious spray, or any other type of predator deterrent that’s harmful to people, pets, and livestock.

Also, Nite Guard Solar lights are a mother earth friendly way to deter predators. This means that you can effectively protect your property in a way that brings no physical injury to the predator.

The same goes for your family, pets, and livestock. If the kids are playing in the backyard, near the chicken coop, and happen upon a Nite Guard Solar light, no harm will come to them for being curious.

If the family pet is roaming around your property, and comes across a Nite Guard Solar light that you use to protect your garden from raccoon, then your family pet, too, won’t be injured if they get curious about the device.

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Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard LLC