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The Stronghold Haywire Klamper is the simplest and easiest way to clamp, bind or repair almost any item.

The tool uses hardened wires that wrap around any item with extreme pressure that will securely hold, clamp or repair nearly any item!  The Stronghold Haywire Klamper clamps with much greater pressure than a conventional worm clamp.

This affordable tool has an infinite amount of uses.  The only limit is your own imagination!
At 4 oz, 4 inches and only 3 parts, the thousands of uses for this indispensable item will boggle the mind. The Stronghold Haywire Klamper is a powder coated utility tool that is made in America and is useful for binding nearly any two things together aside from skyscrapers!  This light, durable and extremely handy tool is a definite for your toolbox, shop, emergency kit or bug out bag.

Check out a few of the Haywire Klamper features!

  • Bind nearly any two objects together
  • Repair and fasten hoses at a fraction of the cost of traditional fasteners
  • Fix wooden handles such as hammers and axes
  • Create joints from both metal and wooden posts
  • Build emergency shelter or tools
  • The possibilities are endless!

This is truly one tool your toolbox should never be without. The Haywire Klamper utilizes common steel wire which means your binding Material is easy to stock up on and can be used on wood, metal, rubber, concrete and just about any other type of material imaginable!

Learn more about the Haywire Klamper Tool here!


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