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Micro Dairy Equipment—Bob-White Systems


Bob-White Systems, Inc., located in central Vermont, serves the rapidly growing micro dairy market, in addition to more traditional dairy farms. We offer equipment, supplies, technology, and resources to enable community based dairy farmers and individuals to produce and market safe and delicious farm-fresh milk and dairy products. We pride ourselves on our engaged and committed customer service and our commitment to the needs of small-scale dairy farmers around the country.

We offer equipment, supplies, technology, and resources to enable dairy farmers to build appropriately scaled and community based sustainable businesses. Bob-White Systems also provides farmstead dairy consulting services and affordable small-scale dairy equipment including bulk tanks, portable milking , and dairy and cheese making supplies. And check out our innovative HTST pasteurizer, the LiLi!

A little backstory…

Bob-White Systems, Inc. was born in 2006 when dairy farmer, farmstead restorer, and coop manager Steven A. Judge started a micro dairy farm on a hillside pasture in Royalton, Vermont, in a barn he built for four Jersey cows.

Driven by his passion for the slow food movement and his desire for communities to enjoy locally produced, farm fresh milk, Judge looked to technology for ways to make micro dairy farming more profitable and accessible. His goal is to create appropriately-scaled dairy technology and equipment that will provide micro dairy farmers with the opportunity to sell safe, farm fresh milk and dairy products directly to friends and neighbors


The technologies and micro dairy equipment offered by Bob-White Systems open the door to a completely new approach to dairy farming and an entirely new class of dairy farms. Our affordable and appropriately scaled equipment gives micro dairies the tools they need to sell a broad selection of dairy products directly to their customers. Feeding into the slow food movement, the availability of safe, delicious, locally produced dairy products keeps more milk off trucks and allows farmers to have more control over their prices and profits.

Our technology has also made dairy farming much more accessible. A single four cow micro dairy – which can be housed in a small but comfortable barn just a bit larger than an ordinary two car garage – can produce 20 gallons of milk (or more) per day. This is enough to supply up to 60 families with safe and delicious farm fresh milk. Further, micro dairies are humane and low impact, and can be conveniently situated on just a few acres, without the pollution, noise, and odor of large dairy farms.

Bob-White Systems’ mission doesn’t stop with the development of technologies, since it takes much more than equipment to make a farm successful. We also offer farmstead dairy consulting services, in which we work with current and prospective micro dairy farmers to help them design an efficient dairy operation and bring their milk to market. We enjoy the experience of working with farmers to make their lives more pleasant and profitable and aim to encourage and support small scale dairies around the country.

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Micro Dairy Equipment—Bob-White Systems