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Illinois Fiber Mill

Illinois Fiber Mill

We are your Northern Illinois Premier Fiber Mill.

Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill is a full service mill for processing natural fibers. Please contact Jane at 815-544-9582 or
815-721-4799 for details.

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Why Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill

Over the last few years at Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill we have had hundreds of pounds of wool processed. We understand that your fleece is important to you.  We are conscious of the needs of the small flock owner. We take special care to assure our customers that their fiber will not be mixed in with other fiber losing the identity of their wool.
We believe that processing 5lbs of wool is just as important as 1500lbs. Care is given to assure that the best final product is returned to the customer.

Please visit our website with all of our great sheep skin products. Please check our Complete Sheep Shoppe website as we transition many of our Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill products to it.
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Illinois Fiber Mill